You're way too Yellow

Summer is all about colorful pieces from pastels to bold to floral and I love seeing things that are too colorful and fun especially pastels but lately, I am into Yellow. If you are in my front right now you would probably tease me or say “whhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!!”. LOL! I know Yellow is not for everyone’s favorite it’s too much, too bold, too bright and it’s literally in your face. But what can I say? I suddenly have an eye with yellow outfits.

I wanted to buy a new off-shoulder piece but I cannot decide what color, all I know is that I want to have a floral prints. And then I suddenly realize why not Yellow? I don’t have a yellow tops or bottoms or even accessories in my wardrobe. And then I found this amazing yellow floral off-shoulder from Palilaqueen. I honestly don’t expect too much because 80% buying online is not the same when you received it from the picture online. But to my surprise it’s so pretty and it really looks the same on her Instagram Shop. Anyways I love the color tone of the yellow it’s not too much and not too boring as well, I love how it compliments my skin.

To sum up all my Yellow feelings! You can also try to wear yellow clothes either top or bottom or just an accessories without looking like a big “JOKE!” to others. So let me share with you loves my top 10 tips on HOW TO WEAR YELLOW CLOTHING'S it’s also a good tips for you loves if someone give you a Yellow clothes as a presents and you don’t know what to do with it because the feeling is not mutual.

1. If your style is monochrome or you play so safe by wearing white or creamy white only, you are quite boring girl. Give it a life and fun by adding a Yellow blazer.

2.  If you really hate straight or solid Yellow color, try Yellow tops or skirt with patterns.

3.  If you are totally not ready for some brighter Yellow outfits, try the smallest things first like Yellow pumps, Yellow heels, Yellow flats or Yellow handbag.

4.  If you have that Yellow dress given to you by your mom and she really wanted to see you wear that, try to layer it with a leather jacket this is to emphasize the leather jacket instead the Yellow dress.

5.  The safest color to go with a Yellow piece is bright blue, remember that.

6. Yellow is not all bright and bold, there are also pastel Yellow, mute Yellow, Creamy Yellow or Mustard Yellow. You have choices girl!

7.  If you want to look clean, fresh and not too bold with Yellow, try to pair it with White pieces like White pants, White Culottes, White top or White blazer.

8.  If you need to wear a Yellow dress alone no layering, try to add on some brown accessories or Gold to make it simple and not too much.

9.  If you are pairing a solid Yellow piece to a printed piece make sure that there is a color that in the printed piece that matches the solid Yellow piece.

10.  Use your imaginations in playing colors don’t be afraid to experiment and try the Yellow-mazing Ootds

And that were my top 10 tips if you want to try something new this Summer, what do you think? Yellow is not that bad at all if you just know how to play the colors. Remember it’s not the clothes that makes you unique it’s your attitude towards what you wear makes you super amazing. Let me know if you also have your own techniques on how to wear Yellow pieces, just write in the comment section box below. See you around loves!

Off-shoulder from Palilaqueen
White Culottes from a boutique
Fur closed Toe slip-on from a boutique
Yellow Sunny from X Glasses 
Brown handbag from a boutique

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