Abandon ship or abandon HOPE! (Why no to Blogging/Vlogging)

I am so lost this past few days on how to balance everything from day job to blogging. I don’t have the confident or time anymore to shoot photos, to create content or to write amazing stories for you guyz. I am hopeless!! As Mr. Gibbs said in the movie Pirates of Caribbean: The Dead Man’s Chest “Abandon Ship or Abandon Hope

For this blog post I will not talk about how passionate I am to blog cuz I already shared it with you loves a couple of times in my previous blogs. Right now I am so eager and inspired to share with you REASONS WHY YOU DON’T NEED TO START A BLOG! Sounds like a Villain in the movie but truth hurts or reality sucks! 

One of my friends told me that he love to do Photography and also wanted to start blogging but he don’t have any idea what would be his blog about, another friend recommended him with high hopes that our “inspiring future blogger friend” can talk about his passion for Photography and earn a lot of Money because of blogging. My ear became so wide open when I heard “money”. And I said to myself“whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt?” IF YOU JUST WANT TO EARN MONEY FOR BLOGGING THEN STOP! So here are my top 5 reasons why you need to stop thinking about starting a blog or vlog.

1. To earn Money
80% in all famous influencers to beginners in Blog or Youtube don’t have earnings right away. When you start blogging or making videos in Youtube it doesn’t mean you earn the next day or when you wake up. You need hard work and effort to get what you want, sometimes it takes 5 years or if you are lucky enough 3 years. So if you are thinking Money..money money…! Then stop!

2. To be famous
It’s the same reason with money! Nothing comes so easy my friend! I’ve known a lot of bloggers in the world like the Australian famous blogger, Zanita. She grew up in a province and started blogging just to share her opinions and ideas about fashion and then because of her passion with fashion and blogging, years of writing she became famous. Well, it’s kinda different when you came from a family of famous actors and actresses so no need for blog or make a Youtube career since you already have fan.

3. Free gifts and event invites
It’s true that when you are a blogger or vlogger there’s so called “MAIL TIME”. And it’s a free give away or sponsored gifts from brands that they want you to try it and in exchange is to promote their brand. How easy right? But let me tell you something guyz! This kind of gifts require numbers, when I say numbers, your followers. So! If you are planning to start a blog or vlog to get freebies, start building your empire first so that brand will notice you. It’s so overwhelming to dream that once you start blogging Gucci or Dolce will send you an invitations to their prestigious events. STOP RIGHT THERE! WHO ARE YOU BY THE WAY? Sounds so harsh! But really who are you? Again build an empire first so that they will notice you.

4. Free Travels
There’s a lot of influencers right now that you see in their personal blogs or mostly in Youtube that they are always travelling. What a lovely life! I wish I have their life. But did you know that those influencers when they are just starting they pay their own travels until they have a lot of followers and people start noticing them, brands approaches them to travel and promote their brand. Sound easy? But no! Again years of hard work to get the free TRAVELS!.

5. To mingle and make friends with social people and party with them
Being with people who are so famous has different impact of emotions to us, it makes us feel so important and famous. And they party a lot, meet new friends and mingle with all the events, “Socials” –sosyal! . But honestly speaking you are just being too much on yourself. Blogging or Vlogging does not work like that. You need to make your own name and be known so you will be consider to be a part of those influential people. Or if you want to just mingle and be their friends? No need to start blog, just introduce your name and be yourself.

Starting a blog or Vlog in Youtube is not that easy peasy! It consist of efforts, passion and consistency to get what you wanted. But if you just want the result easily then stop considering to start blog because it doesn’t work like that. Patience is one main rule of Blogging and Vlogging, if you don’t have the virtue of being Patient then it’s not for you loves. Hope you like my Blogging tips and ideas, let me know your thoughts about this post by commenting below. I will be happy to read it loves. 

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