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I am not a Shoe addict or I don’t have a huge collection of shoes but lately I am all about buying foot wears. Most ladies out there they prefer to have a huge collections of foot wears than clothes or bag. Me? I can do both, shoes, clothes bags as long as I have the budget to buy those fancy things. Last month I am all collecting foot wears then I suddenly realize “STOP ANN!” Refrain from buying foot wears because you can’t use all of them. But let me share with you loves the foot wears that I bought last month.

Buying shoes every day is not my thing, I always make sure that if I will buy that sandal or shoes I am going to wear it at least 3 times a week. Maybe if I have a Millions of money in my savings account why not buy a shoe every day, but I don’t have. I am just a budget girl. And before I will buy a sandal or shoes I always make sure that I can use it in any type of the day and occasions or events. So let me share with you guyz my top 5 foot wears that I bought last month that are so useful, in style and super adorable (insert emoticons with heart eyes here)

1. Suede Sandal

I concluded to myself that it’s not going to work out with me and the stick or pointed heels. I am not good at balancing anymore and it really hurt my feet to control a stick heel while walking. So I decide to choose a square heel, not any ordinary square heels, but a Suede square heel. I styled my suede sandal into a Semi-formal look, best for a lunch meeting outside, or office attire that not so strict when it comes to dress code.

TIPS: For travel or going to tourist spots, a Sued sandal with its flat heel and comfortable foot bed is a good thing to buy.

2. Slip-on Shoes

This is totally on trend right now and there is no doubt that I need to have at least one pair of that kind of shoes. They are so easy to wear maybe that’s why they are called “slip-on” hassle free from wearing. Trendy basic slip-on shoes are so expensive nowadays, maybe because they are so in demand and there are a lot of people searching for the best and chic style slip-on shoes. I searched for a long time for this with a reasonable price and fit for my budget and I finally decided to buy one in Bata. I usually wore my slip-on shoes with my casual Ootds.

TIPS: If it’s your first time to buy this kind of slip-on shoes, try to choose the color black or gray because they are the basic and it fits to any outfit colors.

3. Fur shoes

Fur..fur…fur…By the way I am searching a fur mini or small carpet for Instagram flatlay, any idea where I can buy one? Fur shoes, fur sandal are really on trend right now, and actually I don’t have any plans to buy a fur shoes even a fur sandal. But I went to this famous night market in Pattaya, Thailand and I saw a fur slip-on pointed shoes in color gray that is so cute and super-duper cheap. And there is no justice if I will not buy it, so I bought it and since then I never regret buying it even though it’s not on my buying list. I wore my fur shoes in any Ootds, but most of the time I wear it when I’m wearing below the knee bottoms like culottes, pants, A skirt, and etc.

TIP: If you are going to buy a fur sandal or shoes, try to pull a little bit harder the fur from the sandal or shoes because sometimes if you always wear fur footwears the fur may separate from the sandal. This is because sometimes manufacturer uses cheap glue to attach the fur to the sandal.

4. Square heel sandal

As I said in my first shoes I am into square heels right now because it’s so easy to walk around anywhere. But I don’t have a basic sandal that fits my outfit, especially when I’m wearing a dress or skirt, that’s why I started looking a simple basic sandal that has a square heel and the color must be either white or cream white. It’s a must to have a basic sandal in your wardrobe girls. This is for a special occasion or when you go to church you have something in your wardrobe to ready wear on. Basic sandal should not be extravagant or glamorous, just simple and basic like the one that I bought last month. It’s my first basic sandal, I am so happy and satisfied with it. It’s simple, the color is perfect, it’s sexy and classy not too much. As what I’ve said I usually wear this sandal when I’m wearing a skirt or dress.

TIP: Buy a sandal that has a plenty of cushion in the heel and ball of the foot. This is to make your feet comfortable from walking or standing and your feet will never get tired.

5. Wedge

I do feel rebellious sometimes and I feel like wearing “too many to say” outfit. I want to feel like I’m so sexy and cool and rock! That’s why I needed a black sandal to pair with my rocking outfits. But as what I’ve said I’m not into stick heels anymore, that’s why I decided why not Black Wedge! Wedges are so safe to wear on, you will not fall while walking or it’s so comfortable to walk along the streets and the height of the Wedge is perfect.

TIP: In buying a wedge consider the height of the wedge, choose a lower heel height when walking on difficult terrain, like rocks, sand, or hills, or for longer distances. Higher heel heights work well in indoor environments.

And that was all my 5 foot wears that I bought last month and I can say I am happy what I bought even though some of them are not in my to buy list. Maybe next 2 months I will not buy foot wears since what I have is already enough. At the end of this post guyz all I am saying is that always think before you buy something. Is it worth to buy? Do you really need it? Are you going to use it almost every day? If all the answer is YES! Then you deserve to buy it. Just be a wise shopper. How about you loves? What are your favorite shoes that you just bought recently? 

Suede Sandal from Sugar Monday
Slip-on Shoes from Bata TH
Fur Shoes from Night Market in Pattaya, Thailand
Square heel sandal from allabout_ideaz
Wedge from a boutique

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