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Being a blogger you always have your goal every year to improve your blogging career. If you are just starting from blogging, your goal must be investing a good camera for beautiful photos, getting a Website theme or furnish the look of your blog site or website from a pro-web designer, and etc. Me? I already checked the camera thing in my blogging goal list and now I decided to upgrade my blog to the next level. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years and it’s about time to take another step to improve what I have and that is having a business cards. 

80% of all the people in the world have their own business cards, but it doesn’t mean if you have a business cards you must be a wealthy business person. What I meant is that anyone, everyone can have their own business cards no matter what color, race or status in life you have. That’s why it’s a good thing at least choose a reliable printing press in terms of service, quality, quantity, and reasonable price

Living in Thailand is quite hard to find a printing press or printing firm to meet my need as a blogger and also the budget and the communication is so important for me, good thing I discover Gogoprint Thailand. GogoPrint Thailand is a leading online printing marketing and technology firm in Thailand. They are not only doing business to large companies but also to small time business person or blogger like me. What I like about this printing press I don’t need to be stress on going to their office to print my business cards, they do have a website where you can just select..choose..click..then order. It’s really a time saving especially for me, since I worked almost every day

Good Points

1. You can design your own product, just use Vector Graphics to have a clear and sharp printing result. I designed my first 100 business cards and I am honestly so proud of myself because I totally love what I design and the finish product is beyond what I expected. And tip for everyone, if you are going to design your own product give a 3mm safety margin on all sides of the design. This is for cutters to cut your product perfectly.

2. If you don’t have the talent or too lazy to design, you can actually use their service Let us Design option. What is the best thing for this service is it’s totally FREE! Not totally free guyz,I mean they will send one design and FREE 3 REVISION. Beyond 3 revision you need to pay 200 THB per additional change. But I think 3 Free revision is enough just be diligent, thorough and on point on what you want. My second 100 business cards I choose the Let us Design service and they are really fast in replying into my emails and sending me their design and asking me what else do I need to revise or add. And they are so direct in email. The communication in the e-mail is totally not so hard, for foreigner like me it’s so easy to understand what they are trying to suggest for my 2nd batch of business cards.

  3. I never expected that GogoPrints TH is very efficient in terms of service, I am really impressed with any kinds of business entities that has a very smooth and fast service without damaging the quality of a product. Because there are business entities out there that has a very nice product but the service is so poor, sometimes the poor service over power the product no matter how amazing it is. It is so amazing that GogoPrint TH calls me to notify me of the situation of my order, they are not only reaching customers by emails but also by calls. This is what I called SERVICE ORIENTED.

  4. Reasonable price is one of the major thing I want to check first before buying or ordering a product. Before, I thought printing press is quite expensive especially for foreigners like me. (In Thailand most of the time products and services have different price between local Thais and Foreigners) However, GogoPrint TH give a reasonable price for both foreigners and Local Thais. Imagine 100 business cards is minimum 300-++ THB. That is totally affordable and so reasonable, it’s not only their business cards but also their different kinds of printing service.

  5. I actually don’t expect too much from the Delivering process since I already expected that it will arrive in my address a little bit quite late since I choose the Normal Delivery process. But with my surprise, it came into my mailbox. Fast service, speed delivery equals AMAZING BUSINESS. By the way, if you want to order in GogoPrint TH but you don’t have a credit card, they have a lot of payment options and including the Cash on Delivery option. So you all really have the chance and not to worry how to pay.

  GogoPrint Thailand is one of my best discoveries in Thailand that I really highly recommended, if you are in Thailand and planning to get married but don’t know where to print your Invitations or who will design your invitations, visit GogoPrint Thailand you will never regret it. Not only wedding invitations but all kinds of printing services. You can visit their website at www.gogoprint.co.th

 **This is a Sponsored Post, however all the thoughts in my review are my own personal opinions and experience.

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