June Wedding Gifts (Creative and with-in the Budget)

Aside from Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, one of the busiest event in June are Weddings. June is a traditional wedding month and considered to be an off peak season of Weddings. You heard it right fellas, in Philippines when the month of June comes, a lot of wedding invitations is coming right next to your door. So let’s get prepared aside from outfits, make-ups and glass slipper, let’s get ready with our unique, creative gifts for everyone weather you are the bride’s best friend, the groom’s brother or the office mate of the bride and groom.

Let me share with you loves my ideas of gifts for Weddings, this blog post is not focus on both Bride and Groom, this is for everyone. If you are the bride-to-be reading this blog post it will also help you. Why? Because in all kinds of weddings there are things which we called Wedding souvenir. Wedding souvenir are a way of saying THANK YOU GIFTS for all the people who attend the wedding. This Wedding gifts is also budget friendly, unique and creative than the traditional Wedding gifts like Casserole, Oven or Blender. 99% of guest they have common gifts categories which is Home supplies, so let be the honor to be different and unique from all the gifts. Isn’t it exciting and fun? By the way this is not a sponsored post guyz no one paid me to do this round-up it’s all about my personal ideas and thoughts. 

1. If you are the Bride’s Best friend

I don’t see the illegality of giving a gift for the bride alone, I mean the gift that you buy is for the bride’s benefits alone even though she is already have a partner for life. Bride’s also have their own personal time to pamper or enjoy their self. Am I right? So if you are the Bestfriend or the sister who wants to make the Bride happy in a simple way and thoughtful way, why not wrap a wooden box gift with a FLOWER ROSE SOAP inside. You hear it right it’s not an ordinary Flower bouquet but it’s a soap. So the Bride can use the soap maybe after the Wedding event and enjoy the smell and lathering to her skin while on the shower and releasing all the tired moment preparing the event to the actual event. 

You can buy this lovely FLOWER SOAP BOUQUET in Home Studio

2. If you are the Groom’s brother

Letting go of your big or young brother especially that you have inseparable bond to each other is very hard to do especially in the Wedding. But think of the positive way, your brother is not going anywhere he is just growing up and making his own life. It’s a very good thing to remind your brother that no matter what happen you are still one text away or a call away to hang out by giving him a personal and customize gift like a stainless bracelet with a short message carved on the bracelet. It’s the same way with the Bride, there’s nothing wrong to give a gift to the Groom alone as long as it doesn’t harm for the Groom or the Groom and Bride. 


3. If you are the travel buddy, the hikers buddy or office mate of Groom or Bride or both

After the Wedding it’s totally a tradition that Bride and Groom will have their own honeymoon. Honeymoon are vacations of Bride and Groom after the Wedding, it depends of the couple where they want to go or how their Honeymoon would be like, domestics or international, luxurious or back packing and etc. That’s why it’s so cute and super cool to give them both a backpack bag that is so cute and for couples only like what we called “couple shirt”. This backpacks are not any ordinary backpacks they are backpacker’s backpack with different and fun colors for both men and women and what I love about it is that there is a hood attached on the backpack. How cool is that?

You can buy the COUPLE’S BACKPACK in HeyBro Store

4. If you are the Bride and Groom

If you are the Bride and Groom you must be thinking that you are so lucky in receiving all the gifts from your guest. You should also think on giving back by souvenirs. As what I said a while ago souvenirs are gifts to your visitors in a simple way of saying “Thank you for coming and witnessing our love even though it’s your busy day”. It’s totally sweet and thoughtful, but there are so many kinds of souvenirs out there in the market and it’s so confusing which is the best to give.  I personally think that giving a gift should be thoughtful to someone you are giving it with, I don’t see the point of giving candles on a glass with a photo of bride and groom to the guest, I don’t see how useful and significant it is to everyone. That’s why I highly recommend break the chain of traditional souvenirs and step into the modern kind of creativity, and I highly suggest customize Pillow. Why Pillow? Everyone needs a comfort after a very tiring and stressful day, that’s why Pillow. 

You can buy these CUSTOMIZE PILLOW in A Little Pearl

And that were all my June Wedding gifts ideas, it’s not only for the month of June but any months of the year. These gifts are totally budget friendly so if you are the student guest or the budget gal it’s totally perfect for you. Let me know what you think loves, do you have another ideas what cool stuff to give to the Bride and Groom or the guest? Just comment it down below and I will be happy to read it. For the June Bride’s and Groom CONGRATULATIONS GUYZ AND I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST, KEEP THE LOVE ON FIRE

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