Travel Diary: Koh Samed Island

Thailand has a lot of Islands to offer from touristic crowded island to remote island. Well, I prefer the quiet and not so crowded Island, on that matter I can totally enjoy the beauty of the Island and I can relax because there are not so many noises around the area. I wish I could buy my own private Island, LOL. Anyways I am so excited to share with you loves my tips and experiences and suggestions to one of the nearest island in Thailand if you are staying in Bangkok or Eastern part of Thailand, the Koh Samed or Koh Samet Island.

Koh Samed Island is a small Island but has a lot to offer from peaceful or hidden beaches, Peak Mountain for sunset or sunrise watching, to great and amazing foods and many more. We went to Koh Samed Island last May 2017 and I never thought that the Island is so beautiful and what I like the most are the hidden beaches where there are no tourist. You can enjoy the beach by yourself. So! Let me share with you first loves my Travel Vlog in Koh Samed Island and below the video is my tips and suggestions about Koh Samed. 

How to get there: 

If you are staying in Bangkok or nearby Bangkok, go to the bus station in Ekamai and take a bus to Ban Phe it will take 4 hours. Estimated cost for bus ticket from Bangkok to Ban Phe is 200 THB. The Pier in Ban Phe is near at the Bus stop or Bus station you can ask locals there. Ferry may cost 100 THB per person and it will take 40 minutes to reach the Island. If you are in large group of friends or families it’s better to rent a speedboat, it may only take 30 minutes to reach the Island. For more information with the Ferry Timetable and speed boat for hire click HERE.

Where to Stay:

We stayed in Minnie Seaview Resort, it is 5 minutes’ walk from the Beach. We actually hired a speedboat to go there and ask the boat driver to dock us at Minnie Seaview Resort. So we didn’t have any problems on how to go to the Resort. It’s a Bungalow type of rooms and the rooms is quite big and can accommodate 2 to 4 people just pay for the extra bed. The price per night is totally reasonable, you can check their Facebook page in HERE. What I like about Minnie Seaview Resort is that the owners, they are so accommodating and they make sure that you are comfortable in your stay.

Where to eat:

There are a lot of Restaurants and Coffee shops in the Island, for us we haven’t tried to eat at the restaurant’s there. OMG! “You did not eat in your entire stay in Koh Samed?” Opppps.ops! We eat guyz! We just brought our own raw foods and some cooking materials. We cooked our own foods there.

Mode of Transportation around the Island:

There are public transportation in Koh Samed, they call it song-tew but it’s hard to go around hidden beaches and spots in Koh Samed if you are going to take their public transportation because it only goes to public places. So I highly recommend rent a motorbike, there are so many motorbike renter around Koh Samed 100 THB – 500 THB depends with your negotiation. 

And that were my tips and recommendations loves, if you are planning to go to Koh Samed you will truly enjoy the beauty of the Island. It’s an Island that provides your basic needs. Have you been to an Island? Share you stories with me guyz by commenting down below. I will be happy to read and replied on it. 

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