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Hello ladies!!!!! Is Prom nearly approaching? Or not? Let’s admit it ladies when we think of Prom we feel the excitement running in our blood stream and with high hopes to be a Prom queen and having a date with our ultimate crush in school. Who does not want that? Well! In order to achieve this goal one of the major thing that you need to pay attention seriously is choosing the BEST PROM DRESS!. 

I am so excited to share with you loves my 5 TIPS IN CHOOSING THE BEST PROM DRESS that will totally make sense and of course makes your life easy. Choosing a dress is not that easy girl! It’s like choosing between a pair of Prada heels and Louis Vuitton Bag. Tough decision making right? That’s why I decided to ease the burden that you are carrying right now.

1. Shop around with enough time

Let’s face the reality here ladies, shopping in a rush ended up with a very horrible dress and when Prom night comes you are just in the corner cuz your dress sucks. There is no magical words can describe if you have time to prepare and time to shop without rushing anything. So when the date of Prom is scheduled, organize your calendar for dress shopping, if you do this you will never get stress and you have a lot of choices, trust me. There’s also an instance that finally you found the right and perfect dress but unfortunately it does not fit you. Most of the shops they don’t customize dress, luckily there’s an Online Shop that Customize the measurement of the dress that you choose in their Prom dresses, Aislestyle UK. Aislestyle UK is an Online shop for Wedding dress, Bridesmaid dress, Wedding Party Dresses, Special Occasion Dresses, Evening Dress and most of all Prom Dress. What’s great about Aislestyle UK is that it’s Made-to-order, so you can really customize your perfect measurement and their tailor’s craft each ordered.

2. Be open with other colors

Don’t limit yourself ladies when it comes to colors, you might never know that it really looks dashing on you. We have this attitude that we think that pink is our best color for prom or we think that being minimalist on Prom will stand out in the crowd. It does not work all the time, because if you always wear your colors in school and then you wear the same color in  Prom night there’s no chance of “WOW”! Factor when you enter that door. Because if I am your classmate and I saw you always wearing black and white in school days and you wear a black gown on a prom night, you’re still the same girl in that classroom. Prom night is being unique and for once in your lifetime you are a queen of that crowd. Did you get what I meant ladies? I hope so. So, try to open yourself with other colors like Red. Ohmygosh!!! Have you seen Gal Gadot’s red dress when she went to the red carpet premiere?! She wore a red Givenchy halter gown, and that red dress really stands out. That’s why Aislestyle UK offers a lot of colors that will make you stand out from the crowd especially Red Prom Dress

3. Ask a fashionista friend’s help

I really understand if your fashion style is minimal maybe because you’re a simple kind of girl and simplicity is your mantra in life, and if it works for you? It’s great. But simplicity is not ideal in Prom Night girl, Prom Night is like attending an Awards night that there’s a lot of flashing and dashing. So, ask help with your Fashionista girlfriend’s advice of what is the great Prom dress that makes you amazing without losing who you are but just improving your style. Again, Aislestyle UK is always on trend with their newest collection of Prom dresses 2017

4. Know your body type

If you are a tall kind of girl, you are so lucky in all types of lengthy dresses short or long dress looks so stunning in you. But if you are a petite charming girl, it’s really hard to choose a perfect dress because you need to consider a lot of things if it makes you look so fascinating or stupid. For petite charming ladies, I highly recommend to embrace your short height and show off that amazing legs with a pair of high heels or stiletto. It makes you tall and amazing without looking like a fashion fail. Aislestyle UK never disregard body shapes and height, they have dresses for all body types and height, especially Short Prom Dress.

5. Expensive or Cheap dress?

Finally! The last tip that I can share with you ladies is choosing between expensive or cheap dress. If you are like Paris Hilton with a lot of money in the bank go for Expensive dress. But if you are like me, a budget kind of girl cheap dress is the best option. As I said a while ago, Prom Night is only once a life time, so you can only wear the dress once in your lifetime. It’s not an ideal for a student to buy a very expensive dress if you are just going to wear it once, it’s just a waste of money. However, if you are choosing cheap dress it should not compromise the quality and style. Look for a dress that looks expensive but the price tag is so affordable. Aislestyle UK also offer Cheap Prom Dress that looks expensive but very affordable.

And that were my 5 tips in choosing the BEST PROM DRESS that totally makes sense. What do you think of my tips? Do you find it helpful? Please do comment below and I’ll be happy to hear it loves. For Prom Dress I highly recommend to visit Aislestyle UK website it’s they offer a lot of amazing dress for all types of women. 

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