My first high-end products X Sephora's Too Faced Review

Let me share with you loves my excitement from moon to back about how happy and excited I am to have my first high-end make-up products and not any ordinary high-end products but it's Sephora's Too Faced dude! I finally have my first Too Faced make-up products that I personally choose from Too Faced PH How crazy is that?

I am not a professional make-up guru but I love using make-up maybe because simplicity is not in my dictionary. But I am so excited to share with you loves my first review about Sephora's Too Faced products as a non-professional make-up artist, so all the girls out there who are also not expert in make-up can relate with me. 

"Too Faced is a serious makeup brand that knows how to have fun. With an joyful approach to everything they do, Too Faced uses the finest, cutting-edge ingredients to create innovative cruelty-free color cosmetics that women love to wear." ---Sephora's Too Faced PH

I choose three products in Too Faced PH which is so important in my daily make up routine the Too Faced Natural Eyes, Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer,and Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner. So let' get started with the review.

1. Too Face Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer

Lately! I am not using foundation or BB cream in my everyday make-up because I felt it's time consuming and I'm always hurrying for work. So I just use loose powder, but it felt so wrong that my face looks so dull and there is no light. So i decided, why not use a concealer under my eyes and highlight my T-bone area using a concealer. 

I heard a lot of good reviews with this Too Faced Born this way concealer in Youtube and Blogs and I am happy that I choose this one.

-The packaging is so pretty and I love that it's quite long and wide, it means that there's a lot of products inside. Most concealer are so small which is only good for less than a month and that is so crazy! I'll get broke, if I always buy a concealer.
-The wand is so flexible and the applicator is easy to use.
-Let's talk about smell, it's important for me that the smell of the product is not weird. Who wants to wear a product that has a terrible smell? Well! Not me. The smell of Too Faced Born this way concealer is like a coconut but not too overwhelming and there is a slight rosy smell.
-I can say that my under-eye natural color is not too bad or dark but I just want to highlight or put some light in my under-eye. I can also say that Too faced Born this way concealer has a good coverage and not too watery.
-It also has a smooth finished and does not feel heavy at all.
-Let's talk about under-eye fine lines, I'm not sure how to deal with it, but I think no matter what concealer you use there's always a chance that those lines under your eyes will show up in the long run while wearing make-up. However, Too Faced Born this way concealer proves that there's only a slight line that will appear and not too many. Nothing is perfect girls! Always remember that.
-I have a slight Oily skin but this concealer does not cause any oiliness in my face even after 6 hours.

2. Too Faced Natural Eyes

I have a lot of drugstore eye-shadows to Korean eye-shadows but never have a high-end eye-shadows. (***giggle***) If you are going to ask me "why another eye-shadow if you have a lot of them?", well i want to have a nice white eye-shadow. Luckily! Too Faced Natural Eyes have a "Heaven" palette which is super matte. I bought a lot of white palette before but the pigmentation is not that satisfying.

-The packaging is so cute like a packaging of a chocolate.
-I love that the palettes are a combination of matte and shimmer. It gives me a lot of choices and I can use it from everyday make-up to glam evening party.
-The palettes are all pigmented and its long wearing even without a primer
-The mirror of the Eye shadows is so clear, its clearer than my whole body mirror

3. Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner

If you had been following me from the beginning you already know loves that eyeliner is my holy grail and I can't say NO! when I saw the Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner.

-Great News! Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner is waterproof so if you have a wet kind of day or night it does not comes off easily unless you really want to remove it with a make-up remover or facial wash.
-I've never had an eyeliner that last even more than 5 hours. The eyeliner that I recently used almost faded out or crack however Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner last more than 8 hours. How great is that?
-I tend to forget sometimes that I put some eyeliner on and sometimes I rub my eyes and the eyeliner becomes gross. Luckily! This eyeliner is not like that, it doesn't smudge once set.
-The color I choose is perfect black and its really intensely pigmented in a cool and awesome way.
-The eyeliner is creamy and not watery.
-Once the eyeliner is set it does not fudge, fade, run or crack unless if you are going to remove it with a Make-up remover, as what I've said a while ago.

And that were my personal thoughts aboutToo Faced Natural EyesToo Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer,and Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner.

If you are planning to try high-end products I highly recommend to try Sephora's Too Faced products because it's not that too expensive but also not cheap. I guess its in the middle price range. It's super handy especially when you are going to bring it in your work or school. Too Faced products really proves what they all claim in the packaging. Do you already have a Too Faced products? What is your favorite? Please do comment below or if you don't have it yet, what do you think about Too Faced products base in my review? I will be thrilled to read it loves.

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