How to be Confident even though you're Fat!

Let’s talk about body confidence loves, 80% in all women in the world are stress on how their body looks like. Let’s be real fat women have a very low self-esteem when it comes to self-confidence, they tend to hide under super oversize clothes, dressed like even the tip of the fingers should not be seen. And most of these women are very emotional because of how they looks like, fat women were bullied by their own surroundings and some of them commit suicide, just because they are FAT!. This is a sad facts loves, but let me shout my feelings about this, EMBRACE YOUR FATS LADIES!.

I am proud to share to everyone that I am not sexy or I don’t have the Kylie Jenner body, I have fats around my belly, in my thighs and arms even my face is fat, but these fats is not going to ruin my life. I don’t exercise (maybe once a month) because I am too lazy, I eat a lot but I never forget to love myself and discipline myself even though I have a very bad unhealthy habits. We tend to get insecure easily to other people who flaunt their perfect bodies by the beach or in the mall by wearing those sexy two pieces swimwear or body-con dress. And we get stressed on how to achieve that perfect bodies, die ourselves in the gym or not eating anymore. That is the stupid thing that you’re going to do just because you are insecure and you’re fat. There are a lot of women around the world whom they see their selves sexy even though there fat or they have curvy body shapes, for example Megan Trainor. Megan Trainor is not skinny, let’s be real here but she embrace her body shape and instead make it more beautiful. Look how amazing she is now.

That’s why I want to share with you loves my 5 Tips on how to boost your confidence without dying in the gym or avoiding the foods. 

1. Be beautifully fat

I am fat, I admit it and I don’t exercise but what I do is to take care my skin even more and focus more in my face. There is a popular saying in the Philippines, “Di bale ng mataba kesa naman sa HIPON, Tandaan mo walang tinatapon sa Lechon” --  It’s okay to look fat than to look like a shrimp, Remember there is no left over in a delicious Lechon (Lechon is a popular delicious delicacy in Philippines). Did you get the saying? LOL! Anyways, if you look fat who cares, instead invest more on being beautiful. 

2. Believe in yourself

Long time ago, I hesitate to wear swimsuit in the beach or swimming pool because I suddenly gain weight from over eating, poor unhealthy living and my metabolism suddenly slows down. But when I started traveling from different places, OMG! There are a lot of women who are fatter than me but wore two piece swimsuit confidently in the beach and they don’t care at all. If they can slay it why can’t I. So I decided to step out in my own horror and accept the fact that I’M FAT, BUT BEAUTIFUL, WHO CARES!. You should believe more with-in yourself, if you want others to see you differently, then show them you are different, if other’s can do why can’t you?

3. Choose outfits that makes you beautifully sexy

Were fat ladies and let’s be confident to be sexy but it doesn’t mean to wear very tight clothes and showing off our bloated belly. Wear clothes that makes you sexy but not makes you desperate. Am I making sense? If you think your stomach is quite that big you can wear sexy one piece swimsuit in the beach, or if you are going to the mall you can wear an A-skirt paired with a not so tight sleeveless not a singlets. If you are going for a date, best clothes to wear is that sexy Pencil Skirt that will show your curve and off shoulder top, it will makes you look so sexy without showing off your fatty arms.

4. Engage in active lifestyle

If you are so lazy enough to do exercise like me, well be active in other activities that has a fast motion. Like starting to build your jungle backyard to a beautiful garden, there’s a body movement there loves and it makes your body move without even trying to hit the gym. Did you get what I’m trying to describe? LOL! Another example is if you love to dance, enrolled in a dance class, or if you like to roam around your place do biking and bike around the area go as far as you can. It’s also a form of exercise loves in a different ways than just staying at home and play games in your laptop or watch movies for the whole day.

5. Be friends with positive people

If your friends keeps on treating you like a trash cause you’re fat or if you are being bullied then stay away from them. Don’t waste your time and energy with those negative people, find someone that accepts who you are and loves who you are. Sometimes, we don’t even know that we are already being abused, we thought that it’s normal even though we know somewhere in our self that we are hurt. Stop! And Leave those kind of people who treat you like that. You are a beautiful woman, fat is not a base on how we live in this world, fat is not the base on being a successful person and most importantly fat is not the base of being beautiful. 

And that were all my top 5 tips on HOW TO BE CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL, I am so proud to share my tips to you ladies because I’M FAT BUT I’M BEAUTIFUL, I’M FAT BUT I LOVE MYSELF, I’M FAT BUT I’M SUCCESSFUL, I’M FAT BUT I AM LOVED BY THE PEOPLE WHO ACCEPT ME BEING FAT. How do you find my post today loves? I feel like empowering women around the world. 

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