How to slay a Street Style X Daniel Wellington

Street style is so popular this days and let’s admit it most fashionable chics are mostly seen in the streets. And some bloggers who rocks on their street style outfits gets a lot of attention from Paparazzi. I love to be recognize in the street and appreciate my outfit, do you also love that?

What is really Street style? According to messyclosetStreet Fashion is exactly what it means. It is fashion that has evolved from the streets and not from runway shows or designers. It really has its grassroots in the youth culture of the recent decades. Street fashion, unlike other fashions, does not cover just one style of dressing, but it encompasses a whole range of styles. All these styles are unique and were created by the youth who favored this style of dressing.” In short, it means that Street Fashion is not derived or inspired from runway shows or fashion shows, it is inspired by individual and flaunt it in the streets.

Did you know that Street Style fashion is a big thing nowadays, and it was recognized by the Legendary Times Fashion Photographer, Bill Cunningham. He is a writer in Times but get interested in taking photos of street style outfits and he became famous by doing it. Mr. Bil just roam around the New York streets and take photos of amazing style and unique fashion. 

I am not a professional Street style guru guys but let me share with you HOW TO SLAY A STREET STYLE OUTFIT base in my observation and experience, who knows there might be like Mr. Bill around the streets and take your gorgeous outfit. 

1. The-bomb-jacket

I’ve seen a lot of fashionistas who walk by the streets wearing leather jacket, denim, bomber jacket, or even a cardigan jacket who gets a lot of attention to everyone who surrounds them. You know why? I don’t know also…..!..LOL! But base on my observation they portray an image of a cool and edgy look especially if they wear tight pants or jeans in a dark color. There is something with the jacket, maybe because on the 80s and 90s action star actors always wore jacket especially leather.

2. Killer Sunglasses

This is actually funny for me because even its already evening some stylish people still wear sunglasses. I mean is this a thing? Hahahahahha!!!..Anyways I do personally believe that sunglasses is very important in Street Style fashion this is to hide unnecessary things in your eyes that you don’t want other people to see. Someone told me before if you are shy to walk like a supermodel then wear a sunglasses. It gives a different feeling and will boost your confidence more. I actually tried this trick and it works it feels like I’m hiding but actually I’m not. I also feel that the street is my stage and I’m slaying my Street style outfit and I feel like I’m a different person like I’m Kendal Jenner in a fashion show. 

3. Overload Accessories and Glittering watch

Your Street style outfit is not complete without so many accessories and that statement watch. Accessories and statement watch gives an interesting impression with your Street style Ootd. Ladies, please remember that it’s not Street Style if it’s simple. Talking about watch, look how glittery in Melrose my Daniel Welington is or known also as DW watch. It is so perfect for Street style outfits or any kind of occasions, it looks so glamorous but edgy.

Things I love about my DW watch
- It’s Melrose, came from the family of Pastel Pink which is my favorite color and its so glamorous and classic.

-It looks so sexy in my hand because of its feminine slim strap which is so cool because if your bored of slim strap you can change the strap.

- Let’s face the fact that in the street you also get sweat or sometimes get a water splash accidentally, but no worries because my Melrose DW watch is water proof.

-DW watch also have warranty loves, which is so cool because we actually don’t know what will happen in the long run it’s in their Mini Guide Book.

-When I saw the box of DW I am so surprised how “sosyal” (glamorous / luxurious) the packaging is. The packaging itself give an impression of DW is not any ordinary watch! Come on!

I think half of the world wants to have a DW watch or you want to give a DW watch as a gift to your love one. But the only problem is it’s quite expensive. Let’s be real here! I do feel you guys, that’s why I’m giving you a discount code annactub and you can get 15% in DW website, you can click HERE or visit and my discount code is until October 30, 2017. You have days and months to save plus my discount code, it’s a very good deal fellas!

4. Messy Hair? Don’t care!

When you say Street style it’s more about expressing your freedom in a way of fashion. Girls who flaunt their messy hair in streets are the coolest person in the hood! It gives an impression of strong women who is not afraid to get dirty. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers nowadays who flaunt their hair more often than their outfit and in their IG feed you can see their hair the most of the time and not their face like Jacqueline Mikuta. She really have an amazing hair!

5. Shoes for Comfort

If you feel like wearing heels in the streets then that’s fine maybe it adds up some confident when you walk in the street. But I do prefer to wear shoes, sneakers, or boots in the street. Why? So easy answer, to have a comfortable walk. Streets is not perfect there’s always scattered rocks, humps, and etc. it’s not ideal to walk with heels in my own opinion. Remember girls Street style is about freedom of fashion but in your comfortable way.

And that were my 5 Tips on How to slay a Street Style outfit base in my observation. What do you think loves? Do you love Street Style fashion? Let me know below and I will be happy to response.

Office Blazer from Zara TH
Sleeveless black and white print from H&M TH
Boyfriend Jeans from a Boutique
White Sneakers from F&F TH
Watch from DW TH
Silver Necklace from H&M TH

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