Shopping in USA X Dresslily (American Top Flag)

It’s everyone’s dreams to go and explore USA, and that includes me. What’s in USA that everyone wants to experience even a short period of time? In my own opinion it’s all about the culture and the fast moving lifestyle, fashion, foods, colorful streets, streets that never sleep, big opportunity and etc. If you have been to America or not what’s your opinion about shopping in USA? Shopping for American Flag Tops Online?

In my own opinion, there’s nothing wrong if you shop in USA especially an American Flag prints, it’s not because I’m so obsess to go to USA and party there. It’s because it’s normal nowadays to wear a country’s flag print as a T-Shirt, dress or jacket and etc. That’s why I made my wish list of American Flag prints that are so fashionable, not boring, stylish and not too obvious that it’s an American Flag. You can actually check these American flag tops online and not only American Flag Tops but also other trendy and chic clothes, in Dresslily.

Dresslily is an international Fashion Online store that sells chic and trendy clothes from Men to Women, and not only clothes but also accessories. Their price is so reasonable, and they are also shipping to 200 countries with the cooperation of DHL, UPS and EMS. And their Customer Service aims to give the best service from the moment you shop until you get satisfied after buying in Dresslily.

Shopping in USA is crazy, I haven’t experience it but I just recently ask my friend who is in USA right now for work/vacation to buy me a 2 make-up foundation, she already bought it and in my surprised. OMG! Why it’s so cheap? Maybe when I am in USA? I get broke because of crazy shopping LOL!. Anyways, since I haven’t been really in USA I will enjoy myself first in shopping online that is USA base and  ship worldwide like Dresslily. Check out my wish list below! And tell me what do you think?

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