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There comes a time that you just want to feel relax without living your residence or current address, you might go to Spa or to the beach and just hang-out or even stay in a hotel in your area. This is what I did last month with my BFF, we stayed for a night in a hotel here in Pattaya, Thailand just to feel relax, enjoy the moment and have fun from a very busy days. I honestly never regret that I choose Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa and recommended this hotel to my BFF’s sister who also visited her in Pattaya, Thailand just to get away from all the busy works. Let me share with you loves my experience and information about this hotel, who knows you might see yourself looking for a hotel here in Pattaya, Thailand.
Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa is located in 499/7 Moo 5, 16 Naklua Rd., Banglamung Chonburi 20150. The location is so perfect if you prefer a super near or step-away from the beach but not crowded or public like the famous beach road in Pattaya, this is so perfect. The hardest part is the transportation to this hotel, you need to take a motorbike taxi or negotiate a public transportation to take you there (songtew) or taxi, because there is no public transportation to go inside the location of the hotel. The hotel’s location is far from the main area of Pattaya, where famous restaurants, clubs, bars, markets, malls are located. But don’t worry there are also a few restaurants, clubs, bars, markets and shops nearby the hotel. It’s not that really far though to the main Pattaya, it’s about 15 minutes’ drive without traffic. 

Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa is a big hotel and wide, there are so many areas inside the hotel to explore, but unfortunately due to a short period of time we haven’t really explored the area. I love the Interior design of the area, a mix of classic and sexy and a little bit of vibes of Thailand’s culture. During the check-in, I haven’t experienced their service because my friend is the one who checked-in first and I just followed her after a few hours in the hotel cuz I’m still at work. But according to my friend you need to make a deposit of 2,000 THB which is a standard to all hotels, not the amount but the “deposit” itself it is a security reason for the hotel’s management. Why I know these stuff? Oh guyzzz!! I worked in the hotel for 4 years. 

I’m not also sure how many floors they have but one thing I’m sure of they have a tall building, we stayed in the high floor (I’m sorry I forgot what floor we stayed, LOL) with a beautiful view of the ocean and the greenery trees outside and a little bit of view to the main Pattaya. Let’s talk about the room, I am so happy and satisfied with the price of the room and the room itself. We booked directly to Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa’s website using a mobile, cuz I think they have a promotion if you’re using a mobile booking and it’s cheaper. We payed around 1,800++ THB, honestly? This is really a good deal loves, if you plan to stay in a high-end hotel in Pattaya, Thailand usually the minimum price are 2,500 ++ THB per night. The money we payed is worth the room! You know why? Because the room guys is too big, I expected the room to be like a standard room since we booked a Standard room with an ocean view, but with my surprise it’s too big, it’s like a family room, even their toilet is quite big. I am also surprised with the bed, because I expected the bed to be two single beds, but when I went inside the room its 1 single and 1 queen bed, crazy right? It’s quite too big for us, because it’s only me and my friend, Katrina is staying in the room, but were both happy with the beds though. The interior of the room is a traditional Thai culture inspired and more on woods. The balcony is also big, the room, the bathroom, the shower area is too spacious loves. There are only two downside of this room loves, the television and the faucet thingy connected to the toilet bowl (I don’t what it is called). The television is really old guyz, it’s not flat screen it’s an old TV with a big body, I don’t have problems with the kinds of TV but the only problem is, it’s a cable but the reception is so bad. In the bathroom, specifically the toilet bowl there is no faucet thingy near the toilet bowl, it’s only tissue and it’s quite hard for me to do my business there LOL! Tissue is not enough for me loves. 

Our reservation includes breakfast which is such a good deal for us, the breakfast is amazing. They have outdoor chairs and tables and also air condition indoors. They also have a lot of choices of foods 

Now, let’s move forward to my favorite part of the hotel, the swimming pool itself. It’s so big and so beautiful. They have this big rocks formation decoration, they have two kinds of swimming pool, the first one is near to the top of the rocks and second one is the one going to the beach. They also have this wooden mini bridge going to a dolphin statue which is so nice guyz. And they have also a floaty, and I am so happy for the first time in my whole life, finally I experienced the trending unicorn floaty in IG, HAHAHAHA!. It’s a rented floaty guyz but it’s so cheap, its 150 THB/hour loves, I thought it’s 300 THB/per hour but it’s not. I enjoyed a lot with the floaty, but at the same time scared to fall in a deep part in the swimming pool, cuz let me tell you a secret loves, I don’t know how to swim. LOL!. 

And then next to the swimming pool is the beach, it’s so near and it’s like 30 steps to the beach. They have beach chairs and umbrella so no worries on how to get settle in the beach, there are also good restaurants near the beach. 

It’s really a very nice stay loves, I feel that the money I paid is worth the stay. I wished I had more time spending in Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa because it is so nice there and I wished I could explore and experience more their facilities, they actually have a spa. So, what do you think with Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa? Do you have plan to visit Pattaya, Thailand? Let me know in the comment section below, and I’ll be happy to chit chat with you loves, see you in my next blog.

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