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I am more addicted to skin care than make-up, I am proud to say that my best asset is my skin. LOL! I ain’t bluffing here fellas my skin is not perfect like Koreans but I can say my skin has no major problems. I get so many butterflies lately in my work because two of my work mates ask me what I applied or use to have a beautiful skin. I honestly don’t have a secret, if you are hanging out in my blog since the beginning you already know that 99% of the products I used should be no alcohol base or at least there is 60% organic ingredients. That’s why I recently bought K-products in Althea TH, and surprisingly…. .. ..

We all want those flawless skin, pore less, and fair skin like Koreans, I always wonder how did they have a beautiful skin? Do you also wonder? Is it the food they eat? The environment they live or the genes. Well if one of those are the answer, it is so impossible for me to have a skin like them. I don’t eat vegetables, I don’t have the billions to stay in Korea, and obviously non in our family is Korean. So the best way to have at least 50% of their skin is use Korean products. 

I heard a lot of good things about Althea Korea TH, so I decided to order Skincare products from them. To know my experience and emotions about Althea Korea watch my video at the bottom of this blog post or visit HERE. I bought a toner, serum, moisturizer and eye patch which I badly needed, and here are my personal and thoughtful review. Reminders!!!! This is not a sponsored post loves, and I really tested the products for 4 weeks now 

1. Wonder Pore Toner from Etude House

This is so popular in Youtube vlog review some are good things some are bad things, that’s why I am so eager to buy this one. I actually don’t have a crazy pore problems but I still want to try this Wonder Pore Toner since it claims so many things like Balance skin’s PH level, Refine skin tones, keep the elasticity of pores, remove skin surface’s dead skin cells, cleanse pores insides with cooling effect, deep cleanse pores, minimize appearances of pores, control a large amount of sebum moisturize inside and outside of the skin and complete smooth glass-like texture.

-There are some toner that when you apply to your face it hurts a lot like your skin is burning to death. But this Wonder Pore Toner doesn’t have any harsh feeling.
-I have a combination type of skin, sometimes oily sometimes dry depends on the temperature of the surroundings or the environment. But since I use this toner, I don’t see or feel or experience oiliness in my face after a long day of work or errands.
-After application in my face and absorb into my face and dried up, it feels so smooth and my skin looks fresh and dewy. 
-I’m not sure if they have different size of bottles, but when I bought it there is no choices of size. I choose the 250 ml, and the bottle is totally worth the buy in terms of quantity because it is so big and I think it will last more than a month. Which saves me a lot.

-It claims to lessen your pores, but honestly? I don’t see any changes in my pores. Yes! I don’t have crazy pores but there are still some under my eye. And it’s still the same.
-It says it has cooling effect, OMG! I don’t feel any cooling effect after application dude!

2. Soothing % Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel from Nature Republic

I am currently loving the snail serum lately and aloe vera, and I heard that Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from Nature Republic is really good in the skin and it can also use in the hair. Aloe Vera Soothing Gel claims to give moisture to various parts of the body such as face, arms, legs and hair. So, without any hesitation I bought it.

-The product itself is so light weight after application. 
-I love to use products that are non-sticky in the skin, which is good that Nature’s Republic’s Aloe Vera Soothing gel is not sticky in the skin.
-After application and a few seconds, I feel the smoothness when I touch my skin
-The smell is truly Aloe Vera, because the product itself is Aloe Vera, but the good thing is that the smell of Aloe Vera is not that weird or annoying.

-I do believe that this product should be watery because Aloe Vera in real life is watery. The problem is when you are hurrying for work or appointment. It takes time before the product absorbs and dried up in my skin, in short application with this product is time consuming.
-Boy! I don’t see any changes in my skin.

3. Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream from Nella

Moisturizer is very important in my skin routine, it is the major skincare products that I always use. So there’s no excuse not to buy a moisturizer in Althea Korea, since I’m already shopping. That’s why I bought Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream. And it claims to prevent dryness, Elasticity for anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, provide nourishment and improve dullness.

-The smell is totally good.
-My skin starting to glow after application

-It’s seriously sticky, that’s why I seldom use it since the day I bought it (sad face insert here). I only use it during the night before I go to bed, since there is no activities to do so it’s alright for me to feel stickiness in my face during my sleeping beauty. 
-It’s a bit heavy in the face after application
-After application and few minutes it makes my skin oily. Well, I saw the review of CoffeeandSparkle, according to her she love this product because she have a dry skin type and Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream makes her skin dewy. Maybe this product is better for dry skin type. 

4. Gold EGF Eye & Spot patch from Petitfee

I am having problems in my under eye, it’s not crazy but I’m starting to notice that there are little lines under my eyes and it’s getting brown. Whaaaaaattttt!!! I don’t dream to be an Old Panda, even though they are so cute. Anyways, that’s the reason I bought this Gold EGF Eye & Spot patch, it claims to offer your parched skin an intensely hydrating infusion of moisture plus vital nutrients and experienced the dramatic firming and cooling results

-The smell is good not weird at all
-It really has a cooling effect, even after the application of the patch.
-It lightens my under eye a little bit, I’m not actually sure loves. But I can see there’s a difference.

-This is so hard to put on loves, it takes time to finally settle under my eye. 
-The moisture in the eye patch easily dried up when you’re wearing it.

To summarize all and put it in percentage out of 100%? Ladies hold your breath! I felt 70% satisfied. I honestly don’t feel that this products really works on what they are claiming of. But maybe, you have tried it already and it works on you, maybe my skin is not compatible in these products. If you are asking if I regret buying these products? May there is two of them that I wish I never bought at the first place. But what can I do, what’s done is done, charge to experience. Anyways, what do you think of these products ladies? Have you tried it? or if not what is your favorite Korean skincare products that really works for you. I will be happy to read it and I might also try it.

PS. For my experience and shocking moments of Althea Korea services and box, please watch the video below and don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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