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I am so happy to share with you loves that I move to another job here in Thailand, I know I can’t stay that too long in one job, but I think this one I’ll stick around for a long time, that’s only my prediction loves. Hopefully! Crossfinger! I will not get bored. Anyways, this new job of me is like an office type of work, in short I just stay in the office, do paper works, write emails, and so on and so forth. As we all know, working in an office you need to wear proper outfits, and I’m so excited to share with you loves my ideas about business attire for women. 

Working in an office, there is a strict policies that you need to look like a business person, formal and respected, Am I right working girls? Please raise your hand if your boss implement this very strict policy. But wearing black and white every day is quite boring, that’s why I want to share with you ladies some of my ideas about work outfits that you still look like a business person, formal and respected without choosing to wear the traditional black and white. 

Furthermore, we all know that working in an office has a lot of work to do, sometimes you’ll get home late just to finish your report or sometimes you don’t have any more day-offs because it’s high season and you need to work and work. This is the reason why you don’t have time anymore to shop and choose amazing working outfits or you have no time to try my tips below cuz you don’t have time to go to visit a shopping mall or boutique. That’s why I highly recommend loves to try to shop Stylish womens blouses online in a trusted online shop that sells quality and amazing outfits like Yoins.

Yoins is an online shop in United Kingdom that ship international, they sell trendy and high quality clothes in an affordable and reasonable price plus Fashion cute tops for women. You know me loves, I always prefer reasonable price. So let’s get started with my top 3 tips business attire for women.

1. Experiment with another color (not the bright ones) try nudes, pale pink and sky blue.

2. Ruffle sleeves but not too over-whelming. 

3. Long sleeve that has patterns but not exaggerate and still looks formal like geometric prints or stripes.

Hoping that you will be inspired from my top 3 tips ladies, what is you favorite style for formal or business outfit? Let me know loves by writing a comment below. Xoxo.<3

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