My version of Vintage by Romper and Jumpsuit X Dresslily

Most pictures in my Instagram feed has a Vintage style from 80s to 90s to way back long time ago. Does it mean that Vintage is the new style trend nowadays? I’m not quite sure but I’m actually loving it. Those colorful band tees, yellow shirts, red anklet or mid-calf socks, polka dots handkerchief turban, red or yellow sunglasses are the bomb! That’s why I want to show you loves how I styled my Vintage love affair through my beautiful Romper and Jumpsuit, plus I will be sharing with you loves some fun facts about Romper and Jumpsuit, are you excited? So click that “Read more” button. 

But first, let me share with you loves how lovely and pretty my new Romper and Jumpsuit that I got from Dresslily. Dresslily is an online shop that has a lot to offer from budget friendly to luxurious price tag to trendy and classic apparels, accessories, bags, foot wears, tea length dresses and many more. I received my package from Dresslily for 15 days, is that amazing? I expected that it will take a month to arrive in my door step since Dresslily is base in USA. But in my surprise it really arrived on the 15th day as mentioned in the Order Confirmation e-mail that I received. The package is in good condition by the way, and when I saw the Romper and Jumpsuit personally, it is so beautiful and it really looks like the picture in their website. You know loves, some online shop website out there, having the order personally is different from their picture. That is the reality loves! So don’t expect too much. LOL!

Going back to my own version of Vintage Style, for my Romper I styled it with slip-on suede sandal, a lot of bracelets, silver round earrings, and my handkerchief turban. 

1. Did you know that on the original 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series, the news TV reporter April O'Neil is well known for always wearing a yellow jumpsuit.

2. Jumpsuit is not only for Women, they also have a thing for Men. Whaaaaaaaaatttt!!!!

Next is this pretty Jumpsuit, I felt like I want a dramatic and vintage look. So I styled my Jumpsuit with Red Earrings, yellow sunnies, turtle neck top, and a white sneakers.

3. Did you know that even in 1947 Romper is very famous, in different styles.

4. Coachella is Romper Time, like how the Queen of Coachella Vanessa Hudgens rocks her Romper style.

5. Did you know that Rompers and Playsuit was inspired from baby’s one-piece clothes.

Did you have fun reading my blog post today? Or do you find my photos fascinating? Yayyyyy!!! Hehe. I honestly love looking those old or vintage ads back from the days loves. It makes me realize fashion and style is just rotating. Do you have a fashion trivia? Let me know loves by commenting down below.

Floral Print Chiffon Women's Romper from Dresslily
Geometric Spaghetti Straps Jumpsuits from Dresslily

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