How to balance blog/vlog and full time work ft. Acer Aspire F15

As some of you know Blogging is my ultimate passion in life..***charoott!** LOL!. No matter how busy I am I always make sure that I make time to plan, shoot, edit and write for my blog. Sometimes I do struggle because I also have a full time work, but it’s not an excuse to skip my blogging routine, but sometimes though struggle is real, but the question is how I maintain to do my blogging for 4 years now even though I have a hectic schedule at work. So you better read it all the way at the end of this blog so you will inspire also to push more with your passion.

If you are a newbie blogger or vlogger or been blogging or vlogging for a long time now and you feel tired, uninspired or lazy to do blog or vlog, then I feel you. We are humans, we are entitled to feel uninspired and tired due to our heavy errands in our day to day life. But this is not actually an excuse for me, as I said I always make sure to make time for my blog because I love what I do. When you love what you do, you will never think of quitting, Am I right? Maybe just skip a week or month because you are so busy in your other life, but never thinking of quitting. Especially when we do have a full time job, sometimes we skip a month to make a blog or vlog because of our busy works, but we still want to be consistent in our passion. And that is why I am going to share with you loves my Top 5 tips on how I balance my blogging and vlogging with my full time work, that’s quite hard but I made it and it works for me, maybe it will works for you too.  

1. Make plans in your Day-off
If you are working full time, I’m sure you have a 1 day-off, at least in a week. During those day-offs it’s your chance to work with your blog or vlog like taking photos, editing or writing your blog draft. Make a calendar and highlight the dates of your day-offs and write what you will do on that days, for example you have a day-off every Wednesday, so every Wednesday morning you will take photos for your next blog topic, or edit perhaps. Make sure to plan your whole month of day-offs a month before, so that you will know and you will see what you will do in your next whole month. Did you get what I meant? Planning is the key to success.

2. Always grab the opportunity, especially when you are out with your family, partner or friends.
Shooting your own Ootds or outfits is hard especially when you don’t have a photographer or secretary to follow you around. This is also the problem, why sometimes I skip a week to blog because I’m lazy and stressed who will take my photos. And even though I have a tripod, there’s also comes a time that I am shy to shoot my own self in public alone. Do you feel me? That’s why it’s a very big opportunity when you are with your family, partner or friends in public and nice places to take your photos. So, if someone invites you to go out for a lunch or visit a place, always think that she or he can take your photos and you will have photos for your blog so you need to look presentable. Even though it’s only an invite for grocery shopping, grab the opportunity. Small or big invites to go out is a big opportunity.

3. Write in your spare time
Never make your spare time dull. If you have a 2 hours that you’re not doing anything or don’t have any plans to do anything just lie down in the couch and watch TV, then stop. Get yourself together and write your blog topics. If you do this always, you will be surprised in the next month because you have a lot of finished blog topics save in your laptop for the whole month. See? You save time and effort. Speaking of laptop, last September on my birthday. I bought myself a new laptop. Yeeeeyyyyy!!!. I actually have laptop before when I was in college but it was lost. Then when I came here in Thailand for work I always use my boyfriend’s laptop to write my blog and do my blog. And then I promised to myself that on my birthday no matter what happen I will buy my own laptop, and I did. LOL! I bought the Acer Aspire F 15, for all the laptops in the world why I choose this one. Because it’s a budget friendly, the review is good and known to be one of the best budget laptop for gaming. I am not actually a gamer loves, the reason why I choose a best gaming laptop is because of the graphics itself. When you say gaming, you need to have a better graphics to appreciate the game right? I need that graphics for my photo editing and video editing. Did you see my point? That’s why I choose Acer Aspire F 15. Let me break it down to you loves the Pros and Cons of my new laptop. This is only a review from a blogger guyz not as a tech professional, because I’m not a tech pro.

-It’s Core i7 7th Gen, better graphics performance, it has NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950m and faster memory speed
-I love the metallic gray exterior design
-It’s actually fast especially when I’m editing videos in Filmora
-I can see clearly the colors of my photos

-The Touch pad is quite wide so I can work easily when I’m not using my mouse

-Honestly there is nothing that I see or experience that I don’t like about this laptop 

4.If you feel uninspired watch or read blogs and vlogs
We are not perfect guyz, there’s always comes a time that we run out of ideas or inspiration perhaps. That’s why we have our fellow bloggers or vloggers to help us to be inspired again. Reading blogs and Watching Youtube vlogs or videos are my tools to be inspired again, especially when I don’t know any more what to do, and it helps me a lot. I will share with you loves my top 5 blogs and Youtube channel that inspire me a lot, you should also try to read or watch them because you might not know you will gain back your inspirations.
-Thirsty Though by Kryz Uy
-Fashion Blogger TV
-Patrice Averilla
-CDO bloggers

5. Never stop dreaming
Your dream is the thing you will hold on to keep going until you achieved it. Mimi Ikonn share how she achieved her dreams by cutting pictures from magazines and etc. of her dreams and post it in her wall, so she will always see it and to remind her self what is her goal. And surprisingly after a few years she did achieved it. And then recently I watched the Youtube channel of the famous Cagayan de Oro DJ and now starting his YouTube channel, Bernie Bitokbitok. He also did the same thing and he did achieved it. I’m always a dreamer but never tried this idea, maybe I will try it also, and you should also loves. Never give on your dream, and always dream bigger. Dream is free so why not Dream big. 

I hope you like my blog post today loves, it’s quite long and hope you will not get tired or felt sleepy while reading this LOL. Anyways let me know loves if you like this post or if you have any other tips on how to balance blogging or vlogging and full time work.

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