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Holiday season is fast approaching 1 more month and days of counting its Christmas and New Year already. Who doesn’t love these holidays? Maybe the famous The Grinch? For all the people in the world they usually travel to another place to celebrate these Holidays, but for Overseas Worker like me? Going home on holidays is the best part of the year. And if you are a fashion sassy like me? Even airport outfit is a big and huge deal. That’s why I am so excited to share with you loves my two outfit airport travel ideas.

When travelling I always make sure that I still look good but still in my comfort zone. When I meant by comfort zone, I mean by still comfortable with what I’m wearing while sitting on a plane for a very long time just to get home. I highly recommend to avoid too much outfits and accessories when you are travelling by plane, just wear simple but look chic or edgy. If you also don’t have any time to buy clothes for your Airport Ootd, go and visit Rosegal , they have a lot of different kinds of clothes from head to toe to accessories from classic, to edgy to sassy sexy and on-trends. They also deliver international, the longest dispatched is 15 days and the price are so budget friendly, so for Overseas Workers like me, it is so totally good for you. You can check out their website, click HERE or They also have a lot of promotions and clearance sales so you should check it out.

Anyways, go back to my tips, this is very important guys, it’s not only about being stylist in the airport or plane but also to avoid hassle free and being comfortable, especially when you are running late with your flight or you have a very long flight.

1. Leather jacket

I always been wanting to have my own leather jacket and now I finally have one from Rosegal. First of all I want to talk about my first,…ever….Leather Jacket. It is very comfortable to wear because it’s not that fit neither big for me, so I can easily move. I love the style in the front you can show off the sleeves or not plus I love how the zipper took place. Moving on, let’s go back why I want to wear leather jacket in the Airport, we are talking style here. Jacket is very important when you are travelling by plane, again being warm is important. That’s why when it comes to jacket and warm plus style, perfect match is Leather jacket. 

2. Avoid wearing too much accessories

I can’t forget my first airport or airplane experience, when I flew to Singapore alone. And when you are alone, no one is going to help you carrying all you stuff, only you. All airports in the world they all have these security protocols that you need to obey, since I’m a fashionista everywhere I go I must look stylish. So I wear layered necklace, lots of bracelets and dangling earrings. And these kind of style, makes me swear to myself that I will never wear it again when I’m travelling by plane. Because you know why? You need to take all you accessories and put it on a basket before you go in the security point where you raise your hand and they will check your body. Even a simple basic ring? You need to remove it. It is really a hassle and time consuming especially when you are catching your flight. So again, if you don’t want to feel hassle and you are hurrying? Avoid wearing too much accessories

3. Shoes and socks

Never underestimate the power of shoes and socks. It is the most comfortable pair to wear on a plane travel. You can run, walk or even jump in airports without hurting your feet. And don’t forget to wear socks. Cuz you know some airports they require you to take off your shoes and put it on the basket before you can go to the security point, but you still wear your socks on. It’s quite a bit safe to wear socks if you are not confident enough to show off your naked feet in public. And also inside the plane, especially for long flights, you can take off your shoes (but don’t take off your socks) and position yourself in your sit comfortably. 

4. Wear Sweats or stretch clothing

Sweats are currently my favorite right now, even though I’m only in the house I’m wearing sweat jackets or sweat pants or sometimes both. Sweats are so comfortable to wear it makes my body warm, especially for a very cold surroundings. Sweat jacket or hoodie is a very practical to wear in an airport or airplane especially if you have a long flight? Planes are cold fellas (or maybe it’s only me who felt cold inside the plane, LOL) It will make you feel warm and comfortable. I bought my Long Sleeve Pockets Inclined Zipper Pullover Hoodie at Rosegal. I feel so comfortable wearing it, again it gives me warm and I love the Zipper details, plus it has small pockets in the front which is so convenient with me. 

5. Make sure to travel with no stress at all

Travelling is very stressful, when you look at people’s photos or videos in airport that look so cute or great, you think that they are so lucky because they are travelling happily and comfortably. But honestly guyz? The behind the scene is a stressful part, especially when you are running late in your flight and you have a lot of carry-on bags and you are alone. The best thing to do guyz is always arrive 2 hours before your flight in the airport to avoid stressful checking-in, immigration and security point and plus if the airport is quite too big you have time to get lost. Secondly, avoid bringing too much carry-on bags especially if you are travelling alone, one back –up is enough guyz. 

I hope you like my tips and ideas on what to wear when you are travelling by plane. This is a very nice idea guyz because I personally experienced it and it works for me and it will surely works for you. And I’m so excited to share with you loves that I will be coming home to Philippines on New Year and I’m so excited to see my family and friends again. How about you? What is your plan these coming holiday? What is your favorite outfit when travelling? Please do comment below, and I will be happy to response with you loves.

Long Sleeve Pockets Inclined Zipper Pullover Hoodie - Gray from Rosegal
Stylish Turn-Down Collar Long Sleeve PU Zippered Women's Jacket from Rosegal

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