How to do a Lazy Healthy Lifestyle

I do admit loves that I really do have  poor healthy lifestyle, I don’t eat vegetables (maybe a few of them) and I don’t exercise (maybe only once a month) and the reason is that I’m Lazy, not motivated, and I don’t have time anymore to insert the healthy living in my busy schedules. And these is not a good thing because symptoms of sickness is starting to come out, but I’m still lazy to commit to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I started to do healthy lifestyle in baby steps, that’s why I’m doing a Lazy Healthy Lifestyle.

First of all I’m going to share with you loves that I’m not sexy, model type body or slim woman, on the contrary I’m on the Curvy, chubby section. And I’m not ashamed of how I look like because I do love myself very much. And you also guyz you should not be ashamed of what you look, because each one of us are different and unique. There’s a lot of people who will judge you because you’re fat and ugly but never took it deep inside you cuz they are not the one who carries your body it’s you. So turn your imperfections to perfection. Like me? I’m fat, I admit it but instead of killing myself of the judgement from other people and insecurities I decided to stand, build my confidence and take good care of myself even better. 

So now, let’s go back to my Lazy healthy lifestyle. What do I meant by Lazy Healthy Lifestyle? This is a kind of exercise where you are not really committed to do such thing. I know this is not good but this is how it works for me since I’m not really a gym person or a fitness girl, so here it is I’m going to share with you how do I do my Lazy Healthy Lifestyle. 

1. Join a fun activity

Exercise is not only in a form of gym or push-ups, swats and etc. Exercise can also be a form in dancing, trekking and any activities that is fun and you find your passion in there. Like Dancing, if you like to dance you can join any kinds of dance class from hip-hop to ballet to salsa and many more. Your body is moving which is god because it’s also a form of exercise plus you enjoyed doing it. Or trekking, there’s also a body movement there especially when you are trekking to mountains it makes your muscles moving plus again you enjoyed what you are doing. See? Exercise is not only in the gym. If you are like me who is so lazy to go to gym, these tip is a good thing to do.

2. Run with friends

Honestly speaking? Jogging is the cheapest and convenient form of exercise to do but it’s also the laziest thing to do if you are alone and no one motivates you to do it. So find your friends and invite them to jog along with you or your partner perhaps, it is so much fun to do it. You can run with your friend at least once a week, it’s also a form of bonding with friends. Instead of shopping, or bar hopping why not turn you’re bonding moments into jogging. 

3. Drink a lot of water

I’m not a water drinker before, I can do not to drink water for 12 hours. But I notice that I’m getting weak and my skin are getting dry. And I’ve heard a lot of things about drinking a lot of water in a day will make your blood flow amazing and you will flush away all the bad toxins in your body and your skin will glow. Who doesn’t want that? So for a lazy kind of person like me who doesn’t eat vegetables, I need a lot of water to at least to get my body toxins out of my body. 

4. Try to give a second chance for vegetables

As I have said a while ago I’m not Vege person I am more on meats, chickens, a little bit of fish but never with vegetables. I remember when I was kid my mom force me to eat vegetables for my own good but I threw it out. I really don’t like the taste of Vegetables. But things change when I came here in Thailand. I started to love to eat a basic Caesar salad with a thousand island salad dressing, I also started to love sautéed mush room. And that is a good thing, so never close your door if you are like me who doesn’t love vegetables cuz you might be surprise you will love it too. So it’s really god to explore different foods in different culture. Trust me!

5. Love yourself

There is no better way to do a healthy lifestyle if you don’t love yourself. Loving yourself first is the most important thing from other things. If you love yourself and you accepted who you are and what you look like you will be motivated to do a healthy lifestyle even my kind of lazy healthy lifestyle. Being different is not a bad thing remember that, different is our tag that makes us different or unique from others. So hell yeah gurl! Start lovin’ yourself.

And that were my top 5 Lazy healthy lifestyle. It’s not like Raymond Gutierrez work-out routine or Khloe Kardashian addiction to work-out, but at least your moving girl and you’re eating healthy at least once a week. I hope you like my tips and please do comment below about your reaction of my Lazy Healthy Lifestyle, I know some of you will disagree to this because being healthy as much as you can is the most important thing. But I’m not perfect I’m human and I’m lazy.

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