I’m really into it (In2it Liquid Matte Lipstick Review)

I’m always in a hurry every morning when I go to work because I always wake up late. And the easiest make-up that I can wear is my eyebrow, powder foundation and lipstick. Lipstick is the most important thing in my face, it makes my face alive even if I’m still sleepy. That’s why a good lipstick is a must, then I just recently been in love with liquid lipstick and found myself loving the In2it brand.

I’m not quite sure if In2it is a brand from Thailand but I did my research there are also In2it in Malaysia and Philippines so I’m not actually sure where In2it originally base from. If you know, please do comment below. Anyways, I’d like to make my own personal review with the In2it Liquid Lipstick because I’m really into it. 

VM 04 Regal

VM 03 Ravish
- I totally love the packaging it’s a little bit similar to Kylie Liquid lipstick the dripping style, and the container is synthetic and as usual from all kinds of liquid lipstick it has a doe foot applicator. Let’s talk about the doe foot applicator, it is so manageable to apply in my lips it is not like a hard straight applicator.
- It smells like a Vanilla Candy (good smell)
- It is a budget friendly, in Thailand it cost only 199THB which is so good and so cheap
- It is very lightweight, and you can swipe only once to get a good and full coverage in your lips
- Some liquid lipstick when you swipe in your lips, it easily get dry and it feels like the moisture in your lips are being absorb. But this In2it liquid lipstick it has a moisture so I don’t feel like my lips are being vacuum by the liquid lipstick.  
- It lasted a minimum of 8 hours even though I eat or drink 

VM 04 Regal

- It’s not a smudge proof
- I have a natural crack lines in my lips, and it emphasize the lines though

VM 03 Ravish

And that are all my verdict with In2it liquid lipstick, not bad though. There are only few Liquid lipstick nowadays that has a very good quality and price is budget friendly. And I highly recommend In2it Liquid lipstick if you are also in to Liquid lipstick. For dry lips I think it is so good, because as what I’ve said this liquid lipstick has moisture so it doesn’t absorbs any moisture in your lips and I don’t feel or see that my lips are getting dry because of this. 

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