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In a Wedding everything should be perfect from the smallest details to the huge one, I know that there is no perfection at all but at least almost to perfection. There are some things to consider that everyone forgets and that is the bridesmaids.

Some coordinators, dress shops and most of the time the bride, forget the importants of bridesmaids, as long as they have the dress it’s already fine, but totally that is so unacceptable. Good to know that Newarrivaldress never takes for granted the bridesmaids, they offer a wide range of bridesmaid dresses from a lot of choices of colors, sizes and wedding themes. Plus they ship internationally with the best quality. So before you check-out Newarivaldress, take time to read first my top 5 things to consider when dressing your bridesmaid.

1. Body shape of your girls
Bridesmaid are not all the same especially with body types, but never be ashamed of your bridesmaids body types because that is not the most important thing, the important is your deep friendship with your bridesmaids. That’s why, always make sure that the dress of your bridesmaid fit for her body type, slim or curvy, sexy bridesmaid dresses are for everyone no matter what body size they have.

2. Color shading
Bridesmaid dress does not require “everything should be the same” you can use different shade of a color that fits for your bridesmaid. We don’t have to compromise a bridesmaid just because they have different skin colors. 

3. Consider your girls comfort
We sometimes like a dress for bridesmaids but our bridesmaid doesn’t like it maybe because it’s too sexy, too uncomfortable to wear for her or she looks like a joke. Never disregard your bridesmaids feelings, cuz remember a happy bridesmaid is a happy bride and wedding.

4. Always follow your Wedding theme
There’s always one bridesmaid that wants her own dress and choices to wear for the wedding, I guess it’s totally okay but don’t forget to remind her to stay with-in the theme. It’s totally awkward if your wedding is all white then your bridesmaid wore black.

5. Can be worn twice or thrice
Buying a bridesmaid dress always consider that your bridesmaids can benefit the dress, like she can wore it in a special occasion. Newarrivaldress also have cheap bridesmaid dresses that can be worn twice not only for weddings but for special occasions.

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