Sweatmas X SevenGrils

Lately, I am so fascinated and I guess addicted to sweaters and all kinds of sweats. Someone really influence me to love this piece of clothing’s and that was the Kardashian Family. They always love to wear sweaters, jackets, bomber jackets and any kinds of jackets and they look like the “bomb”. And I started wearing jackets especially sweaters, and I found myself loving them. That’s why this Christmas Season I have chosen my top 5 picks for Sweaters that are so perfect for the holidays.

Let’s talk about first with Sevengrils, I just found out that they can customize your chosen dress from their website without any extra fee. How cool is that? They have a lot of clothing’s in their website from special event dress to casual clothing’s and they ship internationally. So no worries wherever you are in the world.

Let me give you 5 tips loves on how to choose a good sweater and along with my tips are my top 5 favorite sweaters from Sevengrils.

1.Choose a Sheep Wool or cottony material 
These two materials are the softest thing to wear especially on a cold weather.

2. Choose an oversize size or a not a fitted size
It will help you to move comfortably.

3. Choose a head turner sweater 
If you are going to buy a sweater, why not buy the best.

4.Choose a budget friendly sweater
It’s always been my mantra ever since, price matters. 

5. Choose a sweater that makes you comfortable
Never compromise your comfort just because the sweater you like is too much for you and it makes you uncomfortable to wear. Always remember, comfort before style.

And that were my top 5 tips on how to pick a good sweater for this upcoming Christmas Season.I hope you like it loves and also my favorite sweaters from Sevengrils. You can check out their website and who knows you might find the one for you. 

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