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Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la! 'Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la la la la! Don we now our gay apparel, Fa la la la la la la la! Troll the ancient Yuletide carol, Fa la la la la la la la! Do you the the LSS? It’s called “Last Song syndrome” don’t worry it’s not deathly. It’s a song that you heard somewhere and it keeps repeating in your head and unconsciously you keep on singing about it. Don’t worry also it will only last for an hour. That song is my LSS at the moment while writing this post, you know why? Because few more days to go and its Christmas. 

I’m always excited when Christmas comes, a lot of foods, gifts, lovely decorations happy moments and fun reunions. And of course during Christmas there’s always be an Exchange gifts traditions, that’s why I’m so excited to share with you loves my top amazing, unique and affordable gift ideas that surely you will love. But before that, all these gift ideas are from Banggood. Banggood is an online shop that sells almost everything, they have this motto "best bang for your buck". And also if you saw some things that are sold from other website which is cheaper you can actually contact Banggood and negotiate the price with them. Sounds like bargaining? Yes it is! And I honestly like it, you know me loves tags matter for me.

So let’s get started with my gift ideas, I choose the important persons in a family tree which is the mother, the father, Big sister, little sister, Older brother, younger brother and best friend.

1. Mom
KCASA Stainless Steel Golden Western Food Dinnerware Cutlery Fork Knife & Spoons Tableware Set

99% of the mother’s in the world loves to cook and love to have their own flat wares and cutlery. That’s why I highly recommend to grab these gold cutlery set because these are stainless, Non-hazardous, Anti-wear and the best part Anti-corrosion. The best part is that it does not rust, it’s an antibacterial and easy to clean.

2. Dad
Honana Portable Manual Coffee Maker Outdoor Handheld Mini Pressing Coffee Espresso Machine

For all the father’s out there who always work just to provide our needs and wants, let’s help them in a cute and sincere way by giving them a Coffee Maker Outdoor Handheld Mini Pressing. As far as I’m concern, Coffee is a very helpful in times of feeling sleepy in work. And honestly speaking? This is the first time I read, saw or heard about Coffee Maker Outdoor Handheld Mini Pressing Coffee Espresso Machine. How cool is that? It’s like bringing your own coffee maker everywhere you go without the need of electricity. 

FYI: buy the way loves what I love about Banggood is that every items they have in their website it has a very detailed description of the product, advantages, benefits and how to use it (if needed).

3. Big Sister
Lace Embroidery Temptation Three-point See-through Bra

It’s so witty to give a gift to someone in the family that has a little bit of twist and a clean joke. As what we always says “It’s the thought that counts” So, for older sissy who are now in College or working, needs a spice on her life for her own self. So, I highly recommend this Lace Embroidery Temptation Three-point See-through Bra that is so sexy and so pretty just like your older sister.

4. Little Sister
Cute Stealing Dog Mini Model Piggy Bank Money Save Pot Coin Electricity Storage Box Creative Gift

For our young ones nowadays, it seems like everything that is not ideal for children they can have it because of this fast modern society. That’s why a toy that has something to teach the kids in a good way is the best gift that we can give to them. Like this Piggy Bank Money Saver that is so cute and not just any other ordinary Piggy Bank Money Saver, the Dog in the toy will move once you drop a coin, it’s not boring at all.

5. Older Brother
Digoo DG-UHC Wireless USB WIFI HD Smart Security Hidden Camera Onvif Alarm Night Vision Clock Video Recorder

Our techy-techy older brother deserve something techy for this Christmas. I found this Alarm Night Vision clock that Is so super cool (I also want this). You know why? This is not only and ordinary clock it has a hidden camera and can record a video. You can control this amazing techy Alarm Clock by its own app. For more information, click the name of the product above and it will direct you to its own page and there’s a description on it.

6. Younger brother
Eachine E011C Flying Santa Claus With Christmas Songs 716 Motor Headless Mode RC Drone Quadcopter

You should by a drone for your brother!, not the Mavic Drone though but this Drone Quadcopter. And I’m so amaze with the price in Banggod, it’s so cheap. As far as I’m concern Drone Quadcopter toy are expensive but in Banggod it’s only 13.99 USD. It has a remote where you can control how to fly this toy, and it plays a Christmas song. You can also take-out the Santa Claus figure or even re-position it, again more information, click the name of the toy above, so many information that is super interesting.

7. Best friend
Christmas Women O-Neck Geometric Printed Long Sleeve Sweater

For all the crying moments in our best friend’s shoulder for all the shared memories they deserve something that will keep them warm and love. And I always believe that a good sweater is an example of warm hugs and love. 

I hope you like my ideal gifts loves because honestly? All these items are also my favorites they are so unique and super cool. By the way loves Banggod is having SALES right now and a lot of discounts, see below for discounts codes.

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