Thankful for 2017

Before I will turn the page and close my chapter, I would like to share with you loves the things that I'm so thankful about the year 2017. Yayyyyyy!!!! I want to share it first before sharing with you loves my New Year's resolution. Hope you will read it through the end so that you will also be inspired and never give up with your dreams.

2017 has been a huge blessings for me, i never thought that my year will turned out beyond what I dreamt of. Before, I will proceed I want to share with you some positivism. I am so grateful for my 2017, i received a lot of blessings that i never expected. Especially to my blog, I received a lot of collaborations and a lot of Brands are approaching me and believing on what I can do and my talent as a blogger. So here's my top 10 that I'm thankful for 2017.

1. New job
Last 2016 i decided to end my contract with a hotel, cuz I'm really struggling with a lot of circumstances (mixed emotions, and I can't justify my work with my own feelings If I'm happy or not). I honestly decided to go back to Philippines, my home country. To take a rest and just work there. But there is someone here in Thailand <3<3<3 that i can't leave. Luckily, one of my friends here in Thailand recommended me to try to apply a new job in a hospital near to my place. And fortunately I got the job. Yaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!

2. I got many collaborations
I never thought that 2017 will bring me a lot of collaborations with a lot of brands around the world. And some of them i never expected at all. It's not about the things i received from them it's about the thought that for many years of blogging finally someone recognize my work as a blogger and appreciate what I do. That is the best part when I received collaborations

3. I bought my new laptop
Every year on my birthday month, It's always been my tradition to give a gift for myself and this year i decided to buy a new ACER laptop, it is so nice and amazing,  to know more about the ACER Aspire F 15 you can check it our HERE.

4. I traveled outside the country.
It's always been my dream to travel outside Thailand (its currently where I am) at least once a year. And last October, me and  my friend really pushed it through to visit another country and experience their culture. To know where we went? Click HERE.

5. I am thankful that my family is alright
This last 3 months, i don't know what's going on with the world but a lot of bad news has been coming consistently with my friend's family died or get into accident. And it makes me so sad and worried also for own family, but I am so thankful that they are okay and happy to know that mom always remind me to pray always for the safety of everyone.

6. I loose a little bit of weight
I don't want to be dramatic and exaggerate here, I am just so proud to myself that I loose weight but not too much. LOL! I just figured out why iI gain too much weight last 2016 because when I worked in the hotel the foods is everywhere and free. Now that I need to pay for my own food, I seldom eat to avoid expenses. LOL! Well, I eat too much as long as it's FREE!. Let's be real here!

7. My positivism in life is getting more stronger
I always see the good side of everything on what's going on in my life and all the living and non living things that surrounds me. But this year, I always see the positivity of what will happen in the future. I know that you can't understand what I'm writing here, but to make it short my positivity in life gets more stronger and the more positiveness in me the more it will com true. It's called natural magic :D

8. I'm nominated and get the 2nd place in
It was really such an honor to be recognize in a foreign Country like here in Thailand. I received an email from Coupon TH and informed me that I am nominated in Fashion Blog Awards. It's such a nice feeling, to place my name along with the famous bloggers in Thailand, and get the 2nd place. Who knows i will get a media exposure next year here in Thailand. :D we can really never tell. LOL!

9. I am thankful for my friends.
Friends will always come and go, but I am so happy and lucky enough that every time someone will go, another will enter to my life. And I'm happy that my relationship with my friends are getting stronger tested through times. 

10. I couldn't think more what else should I be thankful for the year 2017 but I am thankful everyday that i still wake up every morning and feel the positivity and love from the people that surrounds me and someone above. I'm so grateful that my 2017 turns out so well.

Hopefully this will inspire you loves in your 2018 goals and it will make you feel more positive in your life. Because if you feel great, happy and positive? Then you will live a peaceful life. I also hope loves that your 2017 turn out so well. We may have down times but the good things will never stop shining our day. As what other's say It's just a bad day not a bad life.

Dress from ShawtyG shop
Hat from Daiso
Black sunny, a gift from a friend
Earrings from a boutique
White Shoes from F&F TH

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