I ate Black Ice-Cream

Since I saw the vlog of Alex Wassabi that he ate a black ice-cream, since then I swear to myself that I will eat a black ice-cream. Why? It’s black dude! I’ve never tasted a black ice-cream ever since in my entire life until a few days ago. 

To my curiosity and eagerness to try this amazing ice cream, I did my researched if there’s any Black Ice-cream in Pattaya, Thailand (where I’m currently residing) and in my surprised I found one, and literally I never expected that there is one in Pattaya. Fun facts loves! I have a sweet tooth <3<3<3. If someone will ask me to choose between dessert and a very delicious steak? I will choose dessert, Dessert is the happiest meal in the world! And then when the weather is cold or it rains? I love to eat ice-cream LOL! Sounds weird, are you also like that? Black Ice-cream is actually also popular now, especially in Philippines, there is a brand called BLK 513. I saw a lot of bloggers and vloggers in Instagram who really enjoy eating BLK 513, that’s why my curiosity for black ice-cream goes intense and decided to hunt for it in Pattaya, which I succeeded.  

Okay, let’s go back to my new discovery in Pattaya, Yellow Submarine Pattaya, that is the name of the Ice-cream shop. It is located near in my Condo, so it is not hard to visit, the shop is small it’s not ideal if you want to stay and enjoy their delicious ice-cream, the shop is like a To-Go shop.  Despite of its size, the shop is really Instagramable, all corners or the shop are so cute and so perfect for IG photo, where I love the most. The interior and exterior are so colorful, it brings positive energy and only happiness. The ice-cream looks so delicious but I never had the chance to taste all their flavours because I only went their just for the black ice-cream which they have and they called it as “Charcoal-Milk ice cream”. 
Charcoal Milk ice-ream is so delicious it taste like vanilla with milk, I hope you did imagine what I’m supposed to describe. LOL! In short it taste so heaven. It’s just so messy when it melts because it’s black so it’s a little bit messy. They already have a cone that has candies around it so you can choose any cones you like for your ice-cream. 

We also ordered the Ice-Cream waffle, I love all kinds of waffle, crepe, and pancakes. Their waffle is so delicious. 

Let’s talk about Service, the lady who are in the shop is so nice and sweet. She can’t speak English 100% though, but she’s trying her best to accommodate our orders which is a very good service. She also offer us a free small spoon taste of all their flavors, but we did not grab it cuz I’m really certain with my decision that I will get the black ice-cream, which I never regret it at all.

Yellow Submarine Pattaya is a very nice Ice-cream shop and so perfect to ease the hot and humid weather, especially this coming summer. 

Do you also love ice-cream? If you do, what is your favorite flavor? Comment down below and I’ll be happy to try your favorite ones. Have a sweet day loves.

Jeans from H&M TH
White slip-on shoes from Anneahven
Photos taken by C.C Elicot

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