Shameless Summer X Banggood

I honestly can’t wait for April, in Asia Summer starts in the month of April. And I’m really looking forward for Summer vacation and travels, who doesn’t love to travel?...Ohhhh.ohh I know someone, my boyfriend. LOL! I know you are still in a Valentine’s Day hang-over but I’m so excited for summer, I already made my plans where to go and what to do. Others are preparing the summer season by toning down their body and losing some weights, me? I started to do healthy living but I’m not into the fullest that I will really commit, this year? I will do my shameless summer. I don’t care if I don’t have the perfect curve or abs in my swimwear as long as I know how to carry and wear it and look cute

I always opt to swimwear that I’m comfortable to wear and doesn’t made me look like a big JOKE. Good thing I found a lovely one piece that I always wanted to have in Banggood. Banggood loves is an online shop that sells almost everything, I already introduce with you loves this online shop in my previous blog post, you can read more details about them by clicking HERE. When I shopped at Banggood there’s so many good stuff that I wanted to buy and so many cheap products, if I didn’t control myself? I ended up broke again. However, I saw in my little eye this cute and chic one piece swimwear that I always wanted to have, the Off-shoulder one-piece. This kind of off-shoulder swimwear is very popular in a two piece swimwear and it’s very hard to find in one piece swimwear. I’m so lucky that Banggood have this off-shoulder style in one piece, without any hesitation I click the “Buy it now” button. One of my favorite things in shopping in Banggod is their Size Chart, it’s not confusing at all like any other online shop, other online shop they have so many sizes reference like UK, US and etc. However, in Banggod they use a size chart base in Centimeters and Inches, which is good for me because all I have to do is grab my tape measure and measure myself. I don’t have to stress myself converting my size into UK size or US size. They shipped internationally, so wherever you are loves they can send it to your doorsteps. It took almost 20 days for my swimwear to arrive in my mailbox which I already expected, so for you out there loves when you are buying international products never expect that it will arrive very soon, because the product needs to be reviewed by customs, fly to your destination and then transfer to delivery house, there’s a lot of process, so don’t be an un-patient buyer. 

When my swimwear arrives in my mailbox, I am so excited and directly tore apart the packaging, that’s how excited I am. I choose the Flower printed in color peach, and the color is so pretty and not so disturbing in the eyes. It has a shoulder strap to support the off-shoulder style and the fabric is nylon which is obvious, I think all swimwear are nylon. Anyways, I love the fit because it’s not too fit for me, I can still move and not worrying anything that there’s might some parts of my body that will be seen while I’m moving. It is comfortable to wear and the back bottom part is so perfect, it’s not too chicky. I’m really happy with the size and the product that I choose, good job Banggood. (insert thumbs up emoji here)

By the way loves, they also sells fashionable clothes and trendy clothes that are so cheap and budget friendly, so check out now their website. And you can also upload your OOTD in their New style gallery page and get the chance to win 10 USD.  By the way if you win a 10 USD? You can already use it to buy good products in Banggood they sell so many cheap and good stuff as low as 6 USD.

I’m also excited to bring my new off-shoulder one-piece swimwear to my next travel destination on April, I can’t wait to share with you loves, maybe I will share it with you the good news on March as of now I can’t share anything because my boss haven’t sign yet my request of leave, but finger cross. If you want to stay updated with my travel destinations loves you can follow me around in my IG click HERE and FB page click HERE and for my Youtube travel videos click HERE. What is your next travel destination this summer loves? Let me know by commenting down below, maybe we have the same travel destinations and why not combine our powers and enjoy the upcoming summer vacation, it sound so exciting and I can’t totally wait.

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