Travel Diary: Explore, Eat and Shop in Bangkok for 500 THB / 16 USD

Hello March, Hello 2018. You would probably asked, why I just greeted the year 2018 since it's already the 3rd month of the year. Well, I had a lot of laziness for the first 2 months and it feels like I'm out of concentration, for me January is like a hang-over and February is just a trial month. March? starts everything for me. And since it's the first week of March I am so excited to share with you loves some Travel recommendation which totally fit your budget, let me say "A day in Bangkok for only 500 THB or 16 USD explore, eat and shop" Curious? Read all the way till the end. 

I am living in Thailand for 4 years now and all I can say is that everything is so cheap in Thailand if you will just know where and how to look, you will enjoy Thailand. That's why I'm so excited to share with you loves my budget and itinerary if you want to experience Bangkok for just a day. This Travel experienced I guess is so good for everyone who’s been living in Thailand for quite long now and wants to visit  Bangkok just for a day without spending too much, or maybe this is so perfect for someone who are living in Bangkok for so long now and still wants to explore Bangkok, again without spending too much. Or perhaps this is so good for tourist who have been to Bangkok many times and still wants to explore Bangkok in a Day. I hope you belong one of the categories I mentioned LOL!.

Anyways, let get back to the topic, Bangkok is a very nice city, however let’s admit the fact that it’s very crowded, traffic and noisy and sometimes it's so lazy to go out and explore Bangkok since all we can see are buildings and buildings. But good news loves, there is a small forestry in the middle of Bangkok that you will never expected that is so quiet, fresh air and lots and lots of greens (good for the eyes :D). Thailand is known for delicious foods and cheap prices, which you can find anywhere is Bangkok. There are a lot of cafes and restaurant popping out in Bangkok right now, great ambiance with great food plus cheap foods. Who doesn't want cheap? And lastly Bangkok is known as a shopping district. I've heard before famous actresses in Philippines bought their trendy and fashionable clothes in Bangkok. There is one time I visited the famous Pratunam there are a lot of people carrying luggage’s while shopping (LOL) that's how cheap Bangkok is. But where exactly the best place in Bangkok to relax for Free, eat fancy but cheap and shop cute clothes that are soooo way cheaper? The answers to all this questions is down below:

Since me and my best friend is currently living in Pattaya, which is 2 hours’ drive from Bangkok we decided to visit Bangkok to see a tourist attraction, eat and shop for a minimum of 500 THB. Some of you might say you can't do these for a day or spent at least 500THB THB is so impossible (thinking it’s too less for the plan, explore, eat and shopping). Well, my answer is we did it for only 500 THB excluding the transportation. Hurray!!!!!. To see our One Day travel in Bangkok for only 500 THB, please watch the video below, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE. (***wink). If you want to see our full and budget itinerary? See the bottom of this blog post.

I hope you like my travel Itinerary in Bangkok for Today loves, I can say that I am so obsess with travel planning from the smallest details to biggest one, maybe I should work in Travel and Tour companies. LOL! Anyways, please let me know loves if you have plans to visit Bangkok and plan to try my tips and suggestions, If my schedule is Free, i can come along with you and show some hidden,cheap and gorgeous places in Bangkok. Till my next blog post. XOXO!  

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