A must Toiletries and Skincare for Travelling

Time flies, but for 2018? I wanted to make this year more fun and more adventures to experience. We only live once, and why not make the most of it. This coming summer, me and my best friend is going to travel to a paradise, which I can’t say anything right now where exactly it is because my Manager haven’t signed yet my letter of leave, LOL!. Frankly speaking? I wanted to share with you loves the location where I’m going to, because it’s almost everyone’s dream destination and it’s in my bucket list. Yayy!! 

Anyways, I’m not writing this post to give you some cheesy information, but I am so excited to give an informative information on what Toiletries and skincare products to bring when travelling. I know you have plans for this Summer, and we all know that Summer is a very humid and hot, and no matter how amazing and beautiful the place that we are going to, we need to prioritize and protect ourselves from harmful damages from the sun, if we’re not? We will be the only one who will suffer at the end of the day like sunburns, breakouts and etc. Sunburns are the painful times in my life. 

By the way loves this tips of mine are very useful especially when you are travelling by plane to go to your dream destination and staying for a couple of nights. These tips also are very light, so if you are only bringing a carry-on bag or back pack it is very useful. So let’s get started.

1. Moisturizer or mask for the plane ride

As we all know travelling by plane makes our skin very dry, I actually know the reason, it’s all about the Science stuff but I don’t want to explain further the Science stuff because I might give you the wrong information. LOL! Anyways, yeah! It makes our skin dry, I always experience this when I’m travelling by plane, my face gets so dry and it becomes so dark. To prevent the dryness, always bring a moisturizer or a mask, but I prefer a moisturizer because it’s quite awkward to put-on a face mask and the person sit next to you JUDGE YOU!. I also prefer a moisturizer for dry skin type, even though I don’t have a dry skin, because the texture of a moisturizer for dry skin type is so sticky and it didn’t absorbs to the skin so fast so it will make your skin a little bit wet while travelling and it will not dry. Do you get the idea? 

2. Wet wipes

Before applying the moisturizer or face mask in the plane, wipe your face first to get rid of the dirt and unwanted things in your face. I like to use non-alcohol or alcohol free wet wipes, as some of you know I’m a huge fan of alcohol free products.

3. Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are staying in a hotel or a friend or family’s house for sure they have a shampoo and sometimes conditioner for free. But I don’t use the shampoo and conditioner in a hotel or inn or hostels, why? Because I actually don’t know what kind of shampoo and conditioner they are placing on the toilet, it doesn’t have labels or ingredients on it. You may think I am too much picky or in Filipino saying “masyadong OA or masyadong maarte” which I’m not. When you are vacationing in a very hot, humid and tropical place we all know that the first thing to get damage is our hair, and staying too much under the sun is a huge risk it might give you hair lice (which is the most NO! NO!), hair break-out, split ends, and all hair bad problems. In order to protect our hair we need to use the safest shampoo and conditioner that we know of that’s why we have to bring our own.  It’s better to be protected than to be sorry.

4.Facial Wash 

I highly recommend also to bring your own 2 kinds of facial wash, what is these 2 kinds? First a facial scrub or any facial wash that has beds on it, and secondly a facial wash that will make your face calm. Why?...Why?...Why so many? Facial scrub, the reason for this is that, travelling and staying in a place and wandering the famous tourist spot is a very tiring and sweaty and dusty but still enjoyable. But we all know the fact that all the sweats and dust will be in our face, in order to get rid of this after a long day is to use a facial wash that has beds on it to scrub off the dirt. Remember, dust and dirt causes pimples and breakout.  Secondly Facial Wash to calm our face, I always use Cetaphil, aside that it’s highly recommended by Dr's. I feel that my skin has been treated after a stressful and harmful day with Cetaphil. Staying under the sun, our skin will burn (inside and out, sensation and Physical) in order to prevent a huge sunburns we need to make our skin calm. If you’re not a fan of Cetaphil, try to use a facial wash that has a cooling substance.

5. Soap

This is not actually necessary, I think soap in hotels are okay, however sometimes I like to bring my own, especially if the hotels that I’m staying at has a bath tub? It is so cool to bring a bath bomb for more relaxing bath after a tiring and enjoyable day. Or if it doesn’t have bath tub, I bring my own liquid soap that has a very nice smell, it’s so nice to smell good when you’re travelling, and you don’t want to smell awful especially under the sun, the smell of a bad odor is a NO! NO!, surely people will JUDGE! LOL!. Anyways, I like to bring liquid soaps, because they are easy to use and carry.

6. Feminine Wash

No matter, wherever you go always secure your hygiene.

7. Toothpaste and Tooth brush

The same with soap, it’s not also necessary, but I experienced awful things many times in hotels and inns. For toothbrush in hotels they are so small, sometimes the bristles are too hard to brush off to my teeth and I ended up hurting my gums. For toothpaste, I always know that toothpaste in hotels are cute and tiny, but I’m not a fan of small toothpaste in my toothbrush. LOL!. Another thing, when I traveled to Cambodia, the toothpaste to the hotel that we stayed in, taste bad. I feel like I’m brushing my teeth with a medicine. That’s why I need to bring my own for a happy vacation.

8. Toner

After Toiletries, let get started with Skincare, if you are travelling don’t missed out skincare or you will suffer at the end of the day, we all know the effect after staying under sun. Toner, it will help to get rid some of the remaining dirt in your face after using a facial wash, it looks so cool to feel fresh. I highly recommend to use Toner that is organic, alcohol free or Micellar Water toner. Why? Because it will also help to make your skin calm and treated from harmful sun rays. 

9. Moisturizer day and night

During the day after toner protect your skin by using some moisturizer, especially organic moisturizer. I think when you are travelling in a tropical country it’s better to use Organic products to be safe, than using high whitening or high chemical substance moisturizer. Because Whitening or high chemical moisturizer will normally burns your face if you stayed under the sun. If you don’t like organic moisturizer then it’s better not to use moisturizer at all under the sun than burning your face.  During the night after Toner, use the moisturizer for dry skin type, even though you don’t have a dry skin type, the reason for this is again to keep your face moisturize for a long time, it will help to heal your skin after a long sun exposure. Moisturizer for Dry skin type doesn’t absorbs easily which is so good.

10. Deodorant

Again, no matter what happens, prioritize your hygiene.

11. Lotion

Never forget to protect your body skin from sun exposure, burning sensation is not only in the face my dear it will also crawl in your body skin. The more skin you showed in your vacation, the happier Mr. Sun is to destroy your skin. I highly suggested to use Lotion that has a high or more than SPF 15 and PA ++ (Sorry! the lotion above is only SPF 10. LOL! I forgot to buy SPF15  or more). To know more about SPF and PA you can check out my old last blog post, click HERE.

12. Sunblock

This is the most important things to bring especially if you are in a tropical country. If you don’t have sunblock then expect the worst nightmare after your vacation. We all know what sunblock is, so I will not discuss further why we need to bring this. Use a sunblock that has a very high SPF like SPF 50 or more and PA+++, to be safe. And also use a sunblock that is easy to absorb and the texture is not too oily and greasy and don’t have that whitening substance. It’s awkward if your face is so white because of sunblock LOL!. 

13. Travel size Container or Travel size product

If you would like to bring all my tips above and you don’t have check-in luggage just carry-on, always secure the products that I mentioned above in a travel size container. Because as we all know Airports has a strict policy to liquid substance, so follow the rules. If you feel like travel size container is not enough because you will be staying in your dream destination for a very long time, then I suggest to buy the travel size products, they have a lot of it in super markets. 

This Beauty blog is so long, ahahhahaha, I know! But I hope loves that you read it till this end part, because I really give my best and effort to give you an informative information that will make your vacation, safe, protected and fresh. So, I will not make my end paragraph super long, so see you in my next blog post. XOXO!

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