Travel Diary: Bali for only 1,752,146 IDR/ 3,986 THB/ 6,637 PHP/ 132.47 USD in 4 days and 3 nights

Finally, I can share now my travel Diary in Baliiiiiiiiiii!!!!!. 
I am honestly excited to share with you loves our experiences, budget that we dealt of very seriously and the places we visited. It took me so long to share this amazing experience with you because April is a very busy month for me (busy for travelling. .LOL!) Anyways, we stayed in Bali, Indonesia for 4 days and 3 nights but explored the Bali for 2 days and 1/2 and 4 nights, I know it sounds confusing. I did not include the days and hours of travelling, anyways I am so proud to myself to pulled of the budget 1,752,146 IDR, 3,986 THB, 6,637 PHP or 132.47 USD. :D :D :D If I can travel with-in this budget, how much more for you? Click the Continue button below and read my full experiences in Bali, Indonesia.

Bali, Indonesia is a very nice place. I guess it's almost everyone's dream destination including me, and finally I already crossed the Bali trip in my bucket list, and probably come back soon. So let's get started with my Bali Travel diary.

We booked the ticket to Bali in AirAsia, the price is actually pricey since we booked closest to our Date of Departure. However, we tried to monitor the prices of flights every day to Bali in Skyscanner. Skyscanner is a very nice website or app (they also do have application) you can set your plan of travel to a certain place and they will send you updates everyday with the cheaper, or faster or convenient flights of all available airlines going to your destination. So you have the idea if the prices will go lower or higher, isn't it cool? For the hotel, we decided to stay in Cara Cara Inn in Kuta, Bali. The main reason is, Laureen Uy stayed there and she showed how amazing, and Instagrammable the place is and when I checked their room rates it is so freaking cheap. But don't expect too much with the room space in Cara Cara Inn, because this Inn is an accommodation for back packer traveler, so mostly or their rooms and beds are bunk beds which is not bad. The place really is an instagrammabale place, so colorful and vintage, like their washing machine corner, swimming pool, mini bar corner and a lot more. The staff is so nice and the service is very fast and good. The rooms is equipped with basic amenities and it's so clean, they also clean our room every day. I honestly love the place. We booked the 1 Standard Twin Room room and it cost only 831,600 IDR or in THB its 1,883.65 or in PHP its 3,142.72 and for USD its 60.34. I think the price and the place is a perfect choice. 

We arrived in Bali after lunch it was a very long flight for me from Thailand to Bali it took us 4 hours, but my friend said its only 3 hours since there is a time difference, Bali is ahead of 1 hour in Thailand. Anyways, it's still long for me. LOL! We arrived in Ngu Rai Airport get our visa stamps, and head to Money changer inside the airport, I honestly don't know how much is the exchange rate since I was so overwhelm with their money it's like thousand of thousands and you will end up having more than 1 million, did you get me? LOL! Anyways, my other friend who already arrived in Bali one day earlier to us recommended to change our money outside the airport, but I did not listen and I just found out that he got better and higher exchange rate outside. Well! It's already done I change already and there's no going back. For the Sim I bought a Bali sim with Internet a day before we traveled in Klook. It's cheap and I need an internet during our stay in Bali, even though there is free Wi-Fi in our accommodation, still I need Internet while visiting to one place to another, #doitforthegram LOL!. The sim that I bought in Klook was very fast, and everywhere I go there's a coverage except to the Island Nusa Penida that we went to, but it’s okay. The staff of Klook who met us in the waiting area of Arrival in the airport, assist me in putting on the sim to my phone and it was so fast, one thing I also like about the sim is that my friend also share the Internet with me via hotspot, and it’s still fast and I  did not top-up anymore .About the Taxi we also made a wrong decision by this, it's too expensive to get Taxi from airport to your accommodation, at first they offered us 400,000 IDR which is 1,510.42 in PHP and 905.440 in THB and 29.02 in USD, which is way too expensive to think that our accommodation is so near from the airport. But there's a driver who approached us and give us a discount for 200,000 IDR to our accommodation, so we decided to grab it. Anyways, it's too late again, my friend inform us it's cheaper if we get a Grab  a car from Airport to our accommodation. So I guess our Arrival in Bali has a lot of bad choices, so I hope this bad choices we choose will be a lesson for you loves if you will go to Bali. LOL! We arrive in Cara Cara Inn and their staff are so accommodating, as I said above the room is great, we booked a room including breakfast, they don't have a breakfast buffet but only a meal plan each day. You only have 3 choices of meal actually and their breakfast started from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. If you have an early road trip you can inform their front desk to pre-packed your breakfast early and you will just pick-it up in their pantry, I think their pantry is 24hrs. (I'm not quite sure. LOL) One thing that is so cool about this Inn is that it's a Self Service Inn, you will get your food coupon in the front desk and you will give it to the pantry which is just in-front of the front desk and when your Que number is called you will pick-it up and after you eat you need to place your tray with your flatware’s and glassware’s in the Washing Area. Don't worry! You will not wash it, just put it in there. After we took a rest and have some late lunch we decided to go to Motel Mexicola, which is so popular especially for Instagram photo, your Bali experience will not be complete without a selfie in Motel Mexicola. LOL! Before, you can just go there and take photo, now you need to go there, sit and order before you can take photo. Motel Mexicola is in Seminyak just 20-30 minutes from our accommodation in Kuta.

Next destination, we went to Sea Circus for Photo purposes, this one we don't need to go inside, sit and pay again, the famous photo background is just outside their restaurant so you can just go there and pose. Plus Sea Circus is just 3 minutes’ walk from Motel Mexicola. 

To end up our first half day in Bali we decided to see their beach and witness the Sunset. Seminyak beach doesn't have white sand but the waves though, the waves are so big and beautiful. It's my first time to appreciate a beach especially those big waves. The Sunset in Seminyak beach is perfect.

And that were my first Day in Bali loves, I hope you like reading my blog post, to see the full video of our Day 1 in Bali click HERE.My full budget breakdown in my Bali Trip will be posted on my last blog post in Bali, (maybe on May 6, 2018) and the Day 2 in Bali experience will be posted on April 29, 2018. So follow me around in my social Media accounts so you will get updated with the latest news. 

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