Travel Diary: Day 3 in Bali (Ubod) + Breakdown cost ( 6,637 PHP or 132.47 USD in 4 days and 3 nights)

Finally the Day 3 in Bali is now here loves, to complete the 2 days and a half exploration in Bali is finally here. It took me so long to finish my 3 blog post travel diaries in Bali loves, sorry for that but here it is. Let's get started now, by the way if you want to see the breakdown cost on my trip check out the the bottom of this blog.

Our last full day in Bali we decided to explore around Ubod, according to our Minivan Driver Ubod is known for its Artistic handicrafts products, were the famous Rattan bags are originally made. So, in this full day trip we also hired a Minivan and a driver to drive us around Ubod. Some tourist they will go around Ubod by rented motorbike, again we opt for Minivan, the reason is that so we can travel comfortably. Our Minivan and driver cost 500,000 IDR, so I guess the price is right and we just divide the cost for 3 persons. And for our one day trip in Ubod, we are the one who made our own itinerary and the driver just assist us which to go first and last for a smooth drive and without wasting time. So our first, destination in Ubod is the famous Teggalang Rice Terraces, from Kuta to Ubod it took us 1 hour, and when you get there you need to pay entrance fee of 10,000 IDR or in THB 23, in PHP 38 and in USD 0.72. So when we get inside the Teggalang Rice Terraces I’m not that amaze because maybe I grew up in a province in Philippines where our house is surrounded by Rice fields, but still I did appreciate the arrangement of the rice fields into like a stairs. Take note by the way loves, every rice field corner has an owner, so you need to drop some donations to the owner of the rice field that you want to have a photo, we give a 10,000 IDR donation for the 3 of us. And also for the famous “I love Bali” sign, I thought it’s free, but we also paid 5,000 IDR per person just to have a photo on that spot. I am honestly surprise!  

After taking a lots of photos and videos in Teggalang Rice Terraces, we went to the famous Umapakel Swing, it is just so near from Teggalang Rice Terraces. Umapakel Swing is known for its affordable price for the swing including the famous nest, and they can give you a free taste of Luwak coffee. What is Luwak coffee? It’s the poop of Asian palm civet, where they only eat selected good beans and when they poop they make the process of the Luwak coffee, it sounds gross but they said it’s clean and taste good but we did not tried it. Anyways, Luwak coffee I think is expensive in Bali. Furthermore, to our Swing experience we paid 200,000 IDR or in THB 455, in PHP 745, in USD 15, it is already included with the famous nest. Let me share my experience with the famous Bali Swing, I don’t have fear of heights, but this swing really tested my fate, don’t worry there is a harness around your waist to support you and keep you safe but still it is so freaking high and at first I love it and I enjoy a lot, but after a few seconds I don’t want it anymore I feel like vomiting. LOL!. Well, it’s a good experience. 

After the Swing, we decided to have lunch and our Driver bring us to this famous, like everyone tourist stop for Lunch the Bebek Restaurant Bali. Well, the food is good, the view is nice, but the price is so expensive and the service is actually a bit slow. We ended up ordering a lot because we are too hungry, we spent like 176,000 IDR each. 

So, after the heavy lunch we went to Monkey forest, I’m not a fan of monkey, I’m a little bit scared with them. The entrance fee to Monkey forest is 50,000 IDR, in THB 114, in PHP 187 and in USD 4. The place is honestly wide and huge like you are really in a forest with ruined temples and a lot of monkeys everywhere. There are staff inside that will assist you, and sign boards to avoid while walking inside the Monkey forest, like do not have a direct eye to eye contact with them, or do not panic when the monkey climb at you and etc. I also saw that they also have a clinic inside for first aid or any accidents might happen. They also suggested to do not bring any kinds of foods inside the forest, even though you hid it to the bottom of your bag, still the monkey can smell it and grab it including your belongings. This actually happen when we are going out of Monkey Forest, there is a tourist who bring lots of fruits inside his bag, and suddenly the monkey tried to grab it from him, and it’s not only 1 monkey there like 3 of them. And they are so scary, the tourist decided to quickly get his bags of fruits from the ground and run outside. LOL! After the scary experience of mine, we traveled for an hour to Nungnung waterfall.

Our driver actually recommended us the famous and very near waterfall in Ubod, Tegenungan waterfall. But I don’t like that waterfall, the reason is its very touristy, and when I saw the picture it’s not that nice. Maybe because there’s a lot of tourist there and it faded the beauty of waterfall, you know what I meant. I wanted to go to a waterfall which is not that touristy and when you saw it, it is so magical. So I did my researched and found a next nearby waterfall, the Nungnung Waterfalls. It is an hour from Monkey Forest, but the travel for a long time is worthy. To go to the waterfall, you need to walk down for 400 steps according to the staff there. By the way the entrance fee to the waterfall is 10,000 IDR/person and 5,000 IDR for parking fee.The steps going down is a little bit scary because it is surrounded with forest and it is so quiet, anyways I am confident that it’s safe because I can still see the Sun and daylight and I saw a few tourist also going down to the waterfall. When we arrived at the waterfall itself, it took my breath away, it is so amazingly beautiful and magical. I can’t explain how happy I am to see the Nugnung waterfall. We did not swim anymore because we don’t have enough time, we took a lot of photos and videos and appreciate the beauty and go back to the main entrance. The struggle going back is real, it’s easy to walk going down and it’s so hard to go up back to main entrance especially for me. LOL!. 

After a successful going up, in a slow walk and a lot of stops just for me breathe and rest, we went back to Kuta, and had a short stop in a souvenir market which is so cheap like super cheap. The name of that market is Krisna Bali in Kuta, I bought 3 souvenir shirts, ref magnets, and 5 boxes of Tarts and I only paid 172,000 IDR. I am very really surprise on how much I paid, because I already expected that souvenir shopping will cost me like 1000 THB but I only spent 392 THB (Thailand currency cause I'm currently living in Thailand). And then after all the success Day tour in Ubod we headed back to our accommodation and eat dinner and rest.

Day 4. Back to Thailand
Our flight back to Thailand is 8:00 AM, and we woke up too early just to have time for breakfast and get a Grab a car to Airport. It cost us 28,000 IDR and we also need to pay for the car to go inside the airport which is 10,000.00 IDR.

And that were all my experiences in Bali, I really enjoyed our back packing days in Bali and I’ve learned a lot of things there, like the bad choices we decided and hopefully in our next trip to Bali we already know what to do and not to do.  I am also happy that I really made it to Bali, like everyone is telling that it’s impossible for me to go to Bali because I’m just an ordinary Province girl. But I am so proud of myself that I made to Bali, with my own budget and confident. I just want to share with you loves that dreams do come true if you just believe in yourself and really pushed to make it happen (in a good way of course) Do not be scared to travel outside your comfort zone, because the beauty of travelling and experiencing the things that you only hear and see in pictures and video’s are outside in your comfort zone. Also loves, do not limit yourself to travel, just because people tell you that it’s impossible for you to go to that place maybe because of financial or idea that you’re just an ordinary person, No! you can actually visit you dream country just know how to budget and know how to travel. I hope I inspired you  a lot in my Bali Trip, and you can check out my Bali videos in HERE, (don’t forget to Like and Subscribe) and you can check out my full Budget Itinerary below, take care loves, Happy Summer 2018.

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