Updated Skincare Routine 2018 and Korean Skin care products Review

I am so bored lately with my skin care routine and it’s been my routine for more than 4 years, Facial Wash-Toner-Moisturizer, that’s it. And then last week I just visited the Youtube Channel of Morgan in Beautybreakdown and I saw how much improvement she have in her skin. I mean she have a beautiful skin from the start but now her skin is totally glowing and I want that. I felt also that my skin is getting bored with my routine LOL!. I need saving, that’s why I change my routine for the better and bought some Korean Products in Althea TH.

Let’s get started with my new updated Skin care routine, I watched one of the video of Beautybreakdown channel and while listening to her chit chat I realized that I needed that also to insert in my routine. And here is my new updated skin care routine 2018.

1. Facial Wash

I always use two facial wash in my routine, this is to get rid of dirty substance in my face and to clean and heal my face. First is I use my all-time favorite Tea Tree Facial Scrub, it has a natural tea tree oil and has beds on it which is so satisfying to rub in my face cuz I really felt that the dirt in my face are remove. The next facial wash is to heal and clean my face, I'm using the Cetaphil Gentle Facial Wash, as we all know this is highly recommended by Dr’s. Every time I use the Cetaphil I feel that my face is calm and clean and I don’t easily get pimples.

2. Toner

Toner is always been there in my routine, Toner will help get rid some of the excess unwanted substance in our face that cannot be removed just by washing our face. Another benefits of Toner, it will balance the PH level in our face. When I’m using a Toner after facial wash I feel that my skin is re-born. LOL! I’m using now The Face Shop Rice Ceramide (Moisturizing Toner Lotion Tonique Hydratante) According to the label of the packaging The Face Shop Rice Ceramide has a rice extract, rice bran oil and ceramide that gives the skin a surge of moisture and healthy glow. Well, my review for this Toner is not sure, I’ve been using this for 2 weeks already and I don’t see any glow in my skin however I felt that my face are really moisture. One thing that I don’t like about The Face Shop Rice Ceramide is the texture of the substance, I thought this product is a watery substance, but it’s not, it’s like a milky texture and it is really hard to pour in my cotton pads and I need to pour many times because it absorbs to my cotton pads easily. According to Morgan, Rice is good for anti inflammatory for those who have acne and want to use products that sooth the skin and calm down, products that has extracted rice is highly recommended.

3. Essence

I already heard Essence before but never tried Essence products because I assumed that essence is the same with moisturizer it’s just have different name, however I discovered that I assumed wrong. According to my understanding Essence is a watery substance that helps other skin care products to absorb easily to our skin. So essence must be done after Toner. Essence has active ingredients, adds a lot of hydration that’s why it’s watery and penetrates at a deeper level. As of now I cannot find any satisfying Essence, however I’m currently using the Pink by Pure Beauty Essence. I totally love their packaging, maybe because it’s pink. It claims to be “exceptional formula, power packed with Oligo-HA, Pink Flower Complex, Gigawhite and Niacinamide, forms a protective barrier that keeps the skin hydrated and dewy. It corrects and even discolored skin to create a sheeny healthy complexion.” It is really a watery texture, it feels so good when I applied it in my face it absorbs easily and it leaves a shiny effect in my skin, but I’m not satisfied with this essence. If you have a good recommendation for essence, comment down below it is such a great help.

4. Moisturizer

I’ve been using two moisturizer now and see what game changer will happen to my skin. I guess we all know what is moisturizer so no need for me to explain further. (**wink) For day time, I’m using the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream. It claims to be “a comforting, deeply hydrating moisturizer, contains rich blend of hydrating ingredients free of dyes, fragrances and animal based components” First of all let’s talk about the texture of the substance, it’s not like a watery substance it’s like a texture of a lotion. It is not heavy at all when I applied it in my face, it absorbs easily but it leaves a bit of an oiliness texture. It moisturize my face but again I did not see any changes as of now while using the Klair Rich Moist Soothing Cream. During the evening I’m using a different moisturizer, I’m using the Pink by Pure Beauty Pudding Cream. The texture is so cute because the color of the substance is also pink, and it’s a mixture of watery and milky texture. It absorbs easily and it feels more hydrating than the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream and it didn’t leave any oiliness in my face and it felt so comfortably with this moisturizer. Maybe I should change the use of it, LOL!. Pink by Pure Beauty Pudding Cream in the morning and Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream in the evening. I actually don’t like oily products, that feeling when you applied a skin care product and after it absorbed, it leaves an oily feeling in the skin, I don’t like it.

And that were my updated Skincare routine for the year of 2018, I hope you like my tips and suggestions and reviews loves and I am also hoping that it inspired you a lot. Remember loves, taking care of our skin is the most important thing than having a huge haul or collection of make-ups. What is the use of all your make-ups if your skin is not that good? My colleague at work says, we should take care of our skin as soon as we reached 20s because Dermatological procedures nowadays are expensive LOL! . See you on my next blog post loves.

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