Tips on Buying the Perfect Swimwear Online

Summer is over in Thailand, because it's always been raining lately. Anyways, 
I bought two one-piece swimwear from One2.swimwear Instagram before we went to Bali and used it when we are in Bali. Unfortunately, I haven't shown you loves the full details of the swimwear. However, when we explored the beautiful beaches in Kho Larn island, I finally had the chance to take photos of them.

Buying swimwear online is a bit difficult and scary sometimes, what if it doesn't fit, what if it doesn't look good in person, or what if it has a hole in it. So many what if's, I guess buying swimwear online is more complicated than buying a clothes online.I love buying online, especially swimwear, that's why I am so determined to share with you loves my tips on how to get the best swimwear online without any regrets at all.

1. If you are unsure about buying online swimwear through the website and don't have anymore time to go to the mall and look for best swimwear, try an online shop through Facebook or Instagram. The reason why sometimes I want to buy online shops in Facebook and Instagram is that I can contact easily the seller and asked for the actual photos of the swimwear other than the photos that they posted on their account. In Websites you can't ask for it, am I right? What you see is what you get on their website.

2. Don't settle for one website or Social Media Online seller, it's better to have a lot of options and choose  the cheapest and most convenient. Like do they deliver for free or if not how much is the shipping fee and etc. Sometimes, 4 online shops and websites out of 5 have the same product but different price, quality and shipping policy. So collect and collect then select.

3. Always check the description of the swimwear photo, especially the sizes, because sometimes when they say one size fits all but actually it doesn't fit right. Accurate measurement is better, then measure yourself. If you opt. for Website always look for their Size chart before clicking the sizes S, M or L. Because sometimes, you think you are size L, but in a different country their size L, is size M for you or sometimes size XL for you. I hope you get what I meant. LOL! Size matter!

4. Always look online shops that have Return policy, this is very important loves, because no matter how sure you are in your swimwear, when it arrives it doesn't look the same at the picture in their website, or it doesn't fit at all or the worst scenario it is damaged. If they have a friendly Return Policy, like if it doesn't fit, you can return and they will send you another size. Remember loves, shopping online for swimwear is crazy.

5. And the last tip that I can share with you loves is always ask for tracking number. I know this is so basic, but sometimes we tend to forget. Tracking number is very important when ordering online so you can basically track where is your order heading to. Because sometimes, when you order online, the courier might sent it to another address, or someone received the package on behalf of you without you knowing, or sometimes the worst and annoying case, the seller said they send it already on that day but actually they sent it on the next two or three days. hmmmmmmmpppp!!!!!!.

By the way, let me share with you loves the one-piece swimwear I got from One2.swimwear in Instagram. Bright red and orange swimsuit is actually on trend now, I don't know who started it and why but as far as I can see a lot of Instagram photos on the beach they opt for bright red or orange swimwear. In my opinion wearing Red or orange swimwear is actually okay, the reason is that you will stand out from the crowd or in the background. Especially if the background is lush greens of nature, to stand out from the back ground wear something bright and colorful like red, orange or yellow perhaps.If you are not confident enough to wear two-piece swimwear like me, you can opt for one-piece swimwear which is more convenient. One-piece swimwear is also a good optionn if you plan to go around in a place before heading to the beach. You can wear pants or shorts and the one-piece swimwear can be your top.

I found this online Instagram shop that sells cute and colorful one-piece swimwear in a very reasonable price, One2.swimwear. I always bought from her, and never been disappointed. And that were my top 5 tips loves on how to save yourselves from buying online for swimwear. I hope you learn something from me. What is your favorite online shop for Swimwear loves? Comment down below, I might check on it.

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