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It’s already June, and it’s back to school. Time flies so fast, and then one day, you will wake up in the morning it’s already Christmas LOL! Anyways, it’s back to school season and we all know when it’s back to school everyone, okay! Almost everyone is showing off their new clothes, notebooks and pens and a lot more especially new bags. I’ve experienced that one, since I was in Elementary to college until I graduate. If you are having a hard time to choose and buy a new bag for school, then checkout my 5 options of bag that will totally bring you to center stage.

There’s something with bags that will make you stand out, even though you are just wearing a shirt and short and slipper, but with that beautiful bag you’re carrying, you totally look so awesome and fabulous. Isn’t weird? Well, it’s back to school so let me share with you this online website that I found that sells cool and amazing bags, Baginning. The name of their online shop really catches attention, especially to my blog post for today. Back to school is a new beginning, and it includes new Bag, that’s why you better checkout Baginning. Isn’t it catchy? LOL! Anyways!, Baginning is an online shop that ships internationally, they sell, cute, trendy, all season and formal events bags, and all types of ladies bags. Baginning bags are designed for budget friendly girl, like me, but without losing the quality of the bag and the style. Some bags’ nowadays that you can buy in a store or online shops are so cheap, but the quality is so poor. However! Even though Baginning sells budget friendly bags, they make sure that quality is still prioritize. They also accept PayPal payment, which is so great, for those ladies out there who don’t have a credit card, like me, LOL!. Did I mention that they ship worldwide for Free? Yes, they do. I love online shops that ships international plus FREE! And if you don’t really love the bag when it arrives on your doorsteps, they provide FREE RETURN. So many FREEs that I love. LOL! Shopping online is complicated by the way, you need to make sure that the money you are paying for is worth it. 

So let’s get started with my top 5 options of bags for back to school.

1. Neutral Back pack

This Tan Genuine Leather Mini Backpack is so good to pair with any kinds of uniform or if you are in college, and casual clothing is allowed this is so perfect. It’s minimal and slick. The inside is spacious so you can place some of your notebooks and pens and books. I also love the style that there’s not much going on, like too much zippier and unnecessary pockets, which is so annoying sometimes. LOL! If you like minimal style this is the one!

2. Fancy Girly Back pack

If you are the opposite of my option no. 1, which is you like cute bags, trendy and more styled. Then this Pink Clear Bag Summer Fashion Backpack is for you girl! They also have different colors not only pink. By the way the material is PVC, I know everyone can see what’s in your bag without showing them, but they have a cute pouch inside the bag, which is the same size of the bag where you can place your things, so no one can take a peek inside your bag. 

3. The Minimalist Handbag

If you are not a backpack type of girl, then this Blush Genuine Leather Bucket Handbag with Cute Bow is perfect for you. It’s the same with my option no. 1 but it’s not backpack, it’s a handbag.

4. The Multipurpose handbag

There comes a time that we need to bring a lot in school specially materials for projects, and books, this Beige and Blue Shoulder Bag Vegan Fashion Bucket Handbags is so good because you can actually use it as a handbag or a shoulder bag. And it’s so spacious inside where you can place everything. I also love the fact, that it’s minimalist but still in style.

5. The Lazy bag

This is my favorite option, because most of the time when I was still in school. I only bring a small notebook and a pen that’s it. I’m totally lazy! And this Khaki and Beige Chic Faux Leather Crossbody Bag is so perfect for those times. LOL! It is stylish but still go along with uniforms and outfits.

And that’s my top 5 options for Bags in back to school season, I hope you like my options and if you are not those girls that I mentioned above, please comment below. I love to read what type of school girl are you because I had a very wild and weird life when I was in school LOL! And let me know also loves, if you already visited Baginning and let me know what do you think with their bags, your opinion matters! See you in my next blog post.

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