Travel Diary: Kho Larn Island, The Perfect Beach Site

I'm so bored, and life at work is quite boring and stressful. I want to go out, travel and have fun. That's why, me and my friend Katrina, pack our bags, swimsuit, Sunnies and sunblock and went to the nearest Island and play. We never thought we would find a hidden beach in this famous and touristy Kho Larn Island.

Kho Larn Island is 30-40 minutes away from Pattaya, Thailand. Kho Larn is a small Thai island off the coast of Pattaya, in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s known for its beaches, set against a backdrop of wooded hills. In order to visit the Kho Larn Island you need to take a ferry boat in Bali-Hai Pier. Bali-Hai Pier is located at the end of Walking street, where you can see the big P.A.T.T.A.Y.A sign in the nearby mountain. You need to walk through the end of the bridge, where you can find the ferry boat. Long time ago, you need to buy the ticket first at the Bali-Hai office, nowadays no need to buy ticket just pay directly to the ferry boat for 30 THB. However, if you don't like travelling for a long period of time to the Kho Larn Island, there are a lot of speedboats in the pier where they can take you to your desired beach on the Island, the price minimum is around 500 THB.

Kho Larn Island is not that big you can explore the island in a day, you can rent a motorbike or just take a motorbike taxi and pay the driver for a minimum of 40 THB (to the nearest beach from Naban Port)

You can stay overnight on the Island, there's a lot of cute and high-end hotels now in Kho Larn, so no need to worry.

1. Tawaen beach: Honestly? This beach is so nice, white sand, clear and blue water, fine sands. But the only downside of this beach is that so many tourists, like overwhelming tourist. If you want a less touristy beach in the Island, well avoid Tawaen beach.

2. Samae Beach: It's also white and fine sands, clear and blue water, there are also some restaurants that you can eat. However, again, it is touristy, but it's not like how Tawaen beach that is so overcrowded

3. Tayai Beach: My highly recommended beach, I super like this beach. It is just a small beach, so close to Naban Port, clear and fine sands and clear and blue water. Furthermore, there are big rocks and trees on both ends of the beach, where you can place your things and mats and just sit there and relax with the beautiful ocean view.So perfect for relaxing. Ta Yai beach doesn't have so many tourists, that's why it’s so relaxing. Furthermore, Ta Yai beach has only one restaurant, it’s the Thai Garden Resort Restaurant. It is basically in front of Tayai beach, prices of foods are not that expensive. If you don't like resting in a big rock and under the trees, you can also rent their umbrella and beach chair for 100 THB.

You can opt either Naban Port or Tawaen beach, but since we want also to see the Samae Beach on that day. We decided to take the ferry boat from Samae Beach. They only have two times going back to Pattaya it's 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. The Ferry boat cost 100 THB, the reason is that Samae beach is at the back of the Island where the main port is situated, so the boat has to turn around. The travel time takes 1 hour.

This one day get away from stressful work is such a nice experience. We actually not excited on that day to visit Kho Larn, because we’ve been to Kho Larn before in Tawaen beach and it's so crowded and we don't like it. Until we discovered the Ta Yai beach and so happy that our Relaxation day doesn't spoil with our negative expectations. If your stress loves and feel that you need something to feel new again, or that un-explain feeling that you want something to make you more alive again. The solution is just get-away from your comfort zone, even just for a day. And when you come back you will feel energized, inspired and happy again. And that is my perfect beach site in Kho Larn Island loves, if you have watched the video above, don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE in my channel. Always be inspired loves!

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