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I've been sitting in my office chair for quite long now and I am so eager to have another travel experience and do some camping in the middle of the forest. Hopefully by the end of this month July my travel plans will push through. But before all the camping situation, let me share with you loves my travel wish list that I think you should also include in your travel wish list because I think it is so important that you couldn't imagine.

In every travel there's always a special dinner or lunch either with your partner, friends or family. So don't forget to bring at least one special dress that is not too much neither less. Why dress? Why not top and skirt or jeans? I highly recommend bringing a dress rather than a two pieces of clothes in one outfit, the reason for this is to save space from your luggage or back pack. Special dress is only worn once or twice only during your entire trip for that special dinner or lunch. I think it’s convenient to bring a dress rather than 2 or more clothes in one outfit. Another tip loves, opt for a maxi dress if you are travelling to a country that is so conservative and sensitive. There are some countries that wearing too short dresses, skirt or shorts are prohibited. Even though we are tourist we still has to pay respect with their own culture.

Sexy Women Floral Print Strap Backless Split Hem Dress

There’s a saying says “Take only memories, leave only footprints”. In order to look good in all pictures, because we all know travelling always comes with pictures every second every move we take, we need to look good and lipstick can make a difference. Even though we don't have powder, eye shadow, blush on, lipstick is already enough to make us more blooming and beautiful in all pictures. Tip for lipstick, always bring a small travel lipstick and the color is light so that it can make your face more blooming and alive.

Shake Air Cushion Lip Glaze Gloss Liquid Waterproof Makeup Moisturizing Long-lasting

When you say Plus size dresses, people already assumed that plus size can be worn only by plus size body typed. I regretfully informed you loves, that plus size clothes can be wear for everyone. Plus size dresses are very helpful in travelling, especially if you are travelling to countries that has a lot of temples and if your itinerary includes temples. Exploring temples are quite very tiring loves, especially if the weather is too hot and there’s a lot of people, I bet you will look like just showered in your own sweat. To avoid this scary issue always bring a dress that is comfortable and loose and light. Another tip with you loves, exploring temples are sacred you are not allowed to go inside if you are wearing sleeveless and shorts so better wear something like a dress or a Plus size vintage dress with sleeves.

Retro Women Contrast Color Stitching Irregular Cotton Linen Dress

This is actually my dream travel wish list loves and still, I can't find a good pair until I found it in Banggood. This boots is so perfect for travelling loves, especially if you do a lot of walking. It is so cool, stylish and yet so convenient. I honestly love the sole of the boots because it is non-slippery perfect for hiking trails. Tip loves, if you do hiking trails, it's better to wear shoes that is non-slippery in order to avoid any accidents.

Women Non Slip Casual Lace Up Flat Ankle Short Boots

I know there's already alarm clock in phones right now why alarm clock is still needed in travel wish list! If you think thoroughly loves, Portable Travel World Time Alarm Clock Electronic Calendar Multifunction LED Light Torch, LCD Display is very helpful, especially if you're doing camping and also since every country has different time difference this Alarm Clock has a world time where you can just turn the handle where the name of countries located. It also has temperature detection loves, it is so cool. Who doesn’t love convenient?

Portable Travel World Time Alarm Clock Electronic Calendar Multifunction LED Light Torch LCD Display

We all need a power bank, what if our phone is dead and there is no electricity, that's why Power bank that has a Solar Energy Board is very important. We don't know when or where we are going to be out of battery, there's no assurance that everywhere we go there's always an electricity. So it's better to be prepared that's why Power bank with solar energy board is very helpful you can just lay down the power bank under the sun and voila! Electricity it is! 

Bakeey LED Flashight 10000mAh Dual USB Solar Energy DIY Power Bank Battery Case For Mobile Phone Tablet

I know you'll say again, what the heck is squishy doing in a travel wish list? LOL! While writing this I also find myself laughing with my own thoughts. Anyways, I find squishy, very important in travelling, you know why? It will help you to identify your luggage. It is very easy to put something in our bag or luggage to identify that it’s ours. I remembered an incident last year when I was working in a hotel, we have a guest who check-in and when she opens her luggage to get her passport, she is so shocked to see the things inside the luggage, It's not her things, so it's not her luggage. To avoid this such incident, I highly recommend to put some things like squishy tag in the luggage.

Squishy Cool Pineapple 16cm Slow Rising Soft Squeeze Collection Gift Decor Toy

This no. 8 travel wish list I know it's not that important or necessity for travelling, but I find it very helpful. Rechargeable Electric Blackhead Suction Acne Remover Vacuum Microdermabrasion Pore Cleanser Facial Skin is a Portable Microdermabrasion Tightening and Pore Cleaning Beauty Machine. How does it make so important in travelling? If you are travelling to attend some special events, you need to look good isn't it? Look fresh and look blooming. Instead of going to expensive salon and spa, why not bring your own travel facial spa, the Rechargeable Electric Black Head Suction Acne Remover Vacuum Microdermabrasion Pore Cleanser Facial Skin. What is good about it is that it has 3 gears (High, Medium and Low) could adjust the power, according to your request; it is also safe, non-invasive, no pain care, no side effect; small and exquisite design, easy to carry; Encourages blood circulation while removing dead skin cells and dirt inside pores, revitalizes the skin tighter, firming, smooth and compact and lastly Removes skin debris, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation on the skin. See how cool and important it is?

Y.F.M® Rechargeable Electric Blackhead Suction Acne Remover Vacuum Microdermabrasion Pore Cleanser Facial Skin

And that was all my travel wish list loves, if you are so interested with all the products that I mentioned above, you can visit Banggood and check out their online shop. I also made a blog post introduction about their website you can check it out HERE. How about you loves? What is your travel wish list? Do you love camping? Because I do (**wink**)

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