Ugly Locations Photo shoot Challenge ft. Banggood

I always believed that there's a beauty in everything you just have to focus and see it through. There's no such thing as ugly, if you felt like it then stop. Feeling so down because of imperfections is not good, if you really felt that way, then stand up and do something, enhance the imperfections that you thought of. That's what I felt when it comes to places, like abandon place, garage or cemetery, generally these locations are not ideal for a photo shoot but I always think there's always a beauty in it. That's why I am so excited to share my own version of Ugly locations Photo shoot challenge.

I saw a challenge in Alisha Marie Youtube channel, called Ugly Location Photo shoot challenge and I also saw that other famous vloggers also tried it and it makes me so excited to try it also since I always have this perception that everything is beautiful even locations. However, I decided to post this challenge on my blog rather in my YouTube channel, so that the beauty of the photos that we took can be clearly seen.

I shoot in 3 locations, in DHL office, Grocery store and Gas station. For me, these 3 locations is not ugly, maybe it's just hard to take photos because it's an unusual place, a lot of people and busy locations. However, we still managed to take amazing photos. 

1. Gasoline Station

First of all, this is the most awkward, terrifying and most difficult location that I've done in my entire life. LOL! Why? Because a lot of car passing by, staffs are staring at us and the worst is that an office staff come near to us and asked something which I don't understand because she spoke in Thai. But, when I said that were not Thai, she asks if we are a talent or something I couldn't understand her clearly, but I got the feeling of what she meant is that it's not allowed to take photos in their gasoline station. So awkward! And I'm so ashamed for the first time in my life. LOL! Anyways! We still get the perfect shot.  

By the way loves, let me just share these amazing accessories that I received  from Banggood. The Cop Hat or what we called as beret cap is so on trend right now. I saw a lot of fashion blogger and influencers slaying the beret. Another thing is my Multilayer Necklace, I am so in love right now all kinds of accessories that are gold or rose gold. They are just so elegant to pair with outfits. By the way loves all the accessories that  I wore in this photo is from Banggood

Beret Cap from Banggood
Gold layered necklace from Banggood
Pink Blazer from Zara Woman
Striped black and white top from H&M
Pink Skinny pants from H&M
Black boots from H&M

2. DHL office
This location is a little bit tricky because there's a lot of vendors around, especially in the afternoon, because there's a pop-up restaurant that will be set-up in the afternoon. So we decided to take the photo during midday and just take a portrait shot to focus the DHL office and also the vendors around will not be included in the photo. 

Sunnies from twenty_teen
Jersey pants from m.clothe90s

3. Grocery store
This location is hard, like literally hard because there's a lot of people passing by, looking for stuff, staring some products and it took way too long to decide which is which so we need to wait obviously for them to get lost. LOL! Plus, there's also people staring at us and judging us of what we are doing. But hey! It's a challenge, right?

And that were my top 3 hardest to shoot locations and not ugly at all here in Pattaya, Thailand loves. Hope you enjoyed the photos, what is your favorite photo loves? Let me know, by commenting down below. See you in my next blog post. Xoxo :D 

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