Fun Shoot with Canon EOS 1100D

Lately, I am so inspired with the sister of my best friend Katrina, Ate Kristine Marie. They are now currently living in Australia, Ate Kristine Marie is such a talented woman, at first her passion for Photography is just by a hobby and now she turned it into a business. She is so amazing in taking photos, wedding photos, photo shoots and etc. I honestly love Photography, taking photos, editing them and posting them to my social media accounts and other platforms, but I suddenly stop practicing. Because of work, laziness, and being into editing videos for my YouTube channel. And now, I really pushed myself to practice more in photography since it's also my passion and I planned to turn it into business also.

Last week, I asked my friend Kiefti to be my model since we have the same day-off on that day, then why not. We took photos in a coffee shop name Bor-Baimai cafe. I am so glad that we chose that cafe because its so nice, so many decorations and every corner is Photo worthy plus no one is there at that time, so we own the place by ourselves.

Through our fun shoots, it was not easy, since I am still practicing I have so many issues with the camera, lens and myself. LOL!

1. The camera settings are so hard, I'm still confused on how to play around with aperture and ISO, the funny thing is I taped a small note on the side of my camera for me to remember what's Aperture and ISO.
2. Since we shoot indoors, its so hard for me to find light inside the cafe. I need to adjust the camera setting every second and try to shoot before I shoot for my model. 
3. The lens I have is so wrong, very wrong at all. The wide angle normal lens of the camera Canon EOS 1100D is broken. So I have to use my 55-250mm lens. I need to position myself very far from the model to get the shot that I want. 
4. It was so difficult to get a perfect angle of the model due to the narrow space inside the cafe, wrong lens and no light.   

5. Because of this difficulty, I don't know how to instruct my model on what to do, and I find myself so awkward because when I shoot I hold my breath? LOL! Do you experience this? Or I am the only one who did it. 

I planned to practice more in outdoor set-up, and buy a different lens and edit in Lightroom. What do you think of the photos I took with my Canon EOS 1100D? I know it's quite a bit dark and some angles are so awkward. I want the edits of this photo to be dramatic and moody. I planned to edit on my next fun shoot a pastel and creamy edits. What do you think of my photos?

Photos and edited taken by me
Model Kiefti Bucsit

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