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Hello, readers and viewers welcome back to your favorite blog, Its Beyond Imaginations. How's your day? Are you having fun? Most Asian countries, especially in Thailand and Philippines, August is rainy season, however, there are some part of the world which is still summer season. I know it's so irrelevant to talk these things in my blog now because August is some kind of preparations for the cold season and summer is almost over. But I cannot hold myself, because I am invited to a beach party next week and I think why not talk about Beach Party Wish list. Not any other ordinary wish list, but wish list that you will surely need or need to bring in going to a Beach Party.  

Going to a Beach Party, you have to be prepared at all times, outfits, make-ups and etc. For me in my personal experience I need to wear simple but chic, classy but not over accessories because at the end of the day it's still a beach party, I might get wet. So here's my top 7 Wish list when attending a Beach Party.  

1. Vintage Backpacks: I know, you will ask why backpack in a beach party? It's a beach party not a travel day! LOL! For me, backpack is so necessary, you might think it's not, but actually it is. Think about it, where are you going to put your swimsuit? Extra dry clothes and stuff? Most beach parties you need to bring some foods. So? Why not place it all in a backpack, when you arrive at the beach party, ask the host of the party or the coordinator where you can place your personal belongings. For sure, they have a safety place for your stuff.        

Men High Quality Backpack Cowhide Canvas Vintage Outdoor Travel Large Capacity

2. Sexy tank tops: In a beach party its totally normal to wear sexy outfits. So I highly, recommend to wear something sexy and bright colors, like white, sky blue or light pink. I suggest to avoid dark colors because usually beach party will start in the evening or end in the evening, you wouldn't be noticed if the party is a bit dark and you are also wearing dark. You have to stand out from the crowd by wearing light colors. If you are confident enough with your waist, try to wear sexy crop tops or if you're not confident enough tank tops would be fine. 

Women Sexy Black Lace Flower Mini Sling Camisoles Tank Tops


3. High Waisted Maxi Skirt: Beach party is still a party, you have to look good and fabulous even though its only a beach setup. To pair with the sexy tank tops, I highly suggest to wear maxi skirt, that has details and cut-out design. Again, mind the colors, same rules with sexy tank tops applies. You will definitely look fabulous in that outfit.   

Elegant Women Beach Printing Pleated Irregular Hem Maxi Skirt

4. Canvas Crossbody bags: To complete the whole outfit you have to bring your own cross body bag to place your phone, some make-ups for retouch, handkerchief and some money if you want to bring. I highly recommend a cross body bag rather than a hand carry purse. It's more convenient if it's cross body bag because you will just place it in your shoulder and no need to worry to always holding on to something.

Women Rattan Bag Casual Crossbody Bag Round Beach Bag

5. Women watch: I mentioned that wear something classy but not over accessories. Avoid too much accessories, because at the end of the day, you will take-off your perfect sexy tank tops and high waist maxi skirt and wear your bikinis and dive into the beach or pool. I suggest to wear a simple but classy watch and possible waterproof so you cannot remove it anymore and dive into the water. Or if you don't have a waterproof watch then just put it in your Cross-body bag. See the importance of cross-body bag? 

Fashion Big Dial Women Ladies Bracelet Watch With Weaving Hand Rope Watch Starp

6. Eyelashes: Too much make-up in a beach party don't make sense, once again, you will get wet at the end of the day and the make-up will just ruin your look, especially if it's not waterproof or smudge proof. You don't want to be the horror clown in the party right? I suggest, to wear light make-up, but never lost the glamorous touch like the Fake Eyelashes, make sure it's waterproof.  

Let me share with you loves, this amazing eyelash perm kit that I discovered from Banggood. It is so amazing because it has 3 sets of Perming solution, 3 sets of Neutralizer, 2 sets of Collagen Conditioner, 2 sets of Glue Remover, 1 Glue, 5 sets of silicone Perm rods and 9 sets of Pairs silicone perm rods for only 49.99 USD. Like how cool is that so affordable in one package.   

Eyelash Perm Kit Super Curling Wave Lotion False Eyelashes Perming Eye Lashes Set

7. Dancingnail: It would be cool and glamorous to add some fancy nail art. It's okay not to spend more money to go to the nail salon, you can do it by yourself. Just have a little Art of 12 Color Truth Flower Nail Art Decoration 3D Dry Dried Flowers Stickers DIY Manicure Tools and place it in your nails and voila!!! 

12 Color Truth Flower Nail Art Decoration 3D Dry Dried Flowers Stickers DIY Manicure Tools

Of course, if you're doing your own nails, you need to have a Nail Art kit, like this 220V 36W White Nail Art UV Lamp Dryer UV Gel Nail Art Tools Sets Kits. What I love about this tools sets is that it has a UV Lamp Dryer which everyone love. I really love this UV Lamp Dryer, it makes my DIY nail polish dry easily. And do not be worried because this sets they have 3 UV gels to protect your nails and hand from the heat. You can only put your hands in the UV Lamp Dryer for 1-2 minutes only. 

220V 36W White Nail Art UV Lamp Dryer UV Gel Nail Art Tools Sets Kits

And that was all my Beach Party wish list that you must have. By the way loves, all products mentioned above are from Banggood. If you haven't heard about Banggood click HERE or visit their website at By the way loves, great deals if you will download and shop in Banggood app you will get a 10% OFF App coupon
in your first login on the App. It is available in Google Play and Appple Store. See you in my next story. 

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