Travel Diary: Camels in Thailand? X Camel Republic

Hello loves, another day, another story to share. Do you love animals? I do love them, we actually have 7 cats in my mom's house, I'm a cat person. But my blog post for today is not all about cats, but all about Camels and other lovely animals.  Camels in Thailand? Sounds odd! You read it right fellas, there are Camels in Camel Republic.

Camel Republic is located in Chaam, Thailand. It's 2 hours drive from Bangkok. You can easily locate the area because it's only beside the main road. Camel Republic is not only a zoo, but actually it's an amusement park. You will find different kinds of rides and activities inside from chill rides to goose bumps rides LOL!. I also noticed that they have an activity which is Ifly, but I haven't check-it out because we only have limited time inside, we also did not try the rides. The only purpose why we visited Camel Republic is to see the Camels and have a little photo shoot. Camel Republic, is like a Moroccan style theme, so colorful and full or artistic architectural designs. They also have stalls and restaurants insides, the price is so affordable. The Entrance fee in the Camel Republic for foreigners is 150 THB and for Children of height under 100 cm. is Free. They also have packages, like if you want to enjoy the park, feed the animals and rides, they will give you an affordable package.

Let's talk about my personal experience, honestly? I will go back to Camel Republic if given the chance. The place is so beautiful, there's a lot of things to do inside, I did enjoy having a short stop in Camel Republic and never regret at all. It's my first time to see a Camel, and I was so amaze to feed them with carrots, they are so beautiful creatures. At first, I was so afraid to touch the Camel, because it might bite me, LOL! But when the caretaker said no need to worry, they are harmless and just touch them, I slowly touched the Camel's body and I am so proud of myself on that time. I also saw different kinds of animals on that day, and there are two who amaze me the most, because some of them I already saw in my past Zoo exploration. The two kinds of animals that amaze me the most are the Llama and the Flamingo, like what? I never thought that Llamas are real, I thought they were only a fiction animals, the first Llama that I saw was from the movie "The Emperor's New Groove". And when I saw the Llama is Camel Republic, it was like are they real? Since I was a kid, I thought Llama are not real and now they are in front of me breathing and looking at me LOL! The next animal is the Flamingo, well, I believed that Flamingos are real, however, I never thought that there feathers are so beautiful, like soft pink, so pink and shiny. You can actually feed the flamingos with the help of the caretaker, unfortunately, the caretaker at that time is not available. We can't wait any longer so I just took some photos with them outside (so sad). I did enjoy Camel Republic, hoping to come back soon, and try more with their rides and the Ifly activity. 

And that is my short story experience with Camel Republic, if you are in Bangkok loves, and you have run-out of places to go, make a time to visit Camel Republic in Chaam, it's a 2 hours drive from Bangkok. If you don't have a car, you can take a public transportation via Public Van located in Victory Monument or by Train in Hualamphong station. Do you love animals? What is your favorite one? Comment down below, and I'll be happy to read them, who knows, I have never seen your favorite animals before. 

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