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Do you have a Halloween Party to attend to but don’t want to transform yourself into a scary ghost? Do you just want to spend your money into things for Halloween, but you can still use it in your everyday life? Do you want to look Casual at a Halloween party, but still in the theme? Will if all those answers is a big YES, then go ahead and read until the end, and I prepared a lot of options to your dilemmas. 

Halloween Party is one of the amazing events in the world where all people gathered and dress up like a ghost or monster and scared people. Though, it’s sometimes scary to see all those artistic costumes, but you got to enjoy the event. During Halloween Season I always wanted to see the festivities in Mexico, where they have a festival called Dia de los Muertos or in English, Day of the Dead. They have a very beautiful parade where all people change their faces into creative, colorful and artistic make-up of skull and sometimes dress-up classy, casual and flowery but not scary looks, like monsters. It’s the most genuine celebration of the dead that I’ve known of, I wish I could go there and experience someday.

Anyways, I know you did not read this blog just because of the Dia de los Muertos LOL! You’re here because you are interested in my Halloween Costumes in a Casual and Flashy look that can still be wearable even after Halloween. Then here are my tips.

1. Dark Lipstick – bloody and scary make-up is not required, you can still wear your glamorous make-up or your everyday make-up, but just change the color of your lipstick into a dark color. Like Black or Dream Purple. Kailijumei lipstick has a Dream Purple shade and what I like about this lipstick is that it’s a Changing Jelly Flower Lip Stick, the dream purple color is not visible in the lipstick itself it will only be visible when you applied it, it’s like a magic lipstick. It also moisturizes your lips and it’s a kiss proof.

2. Dramatic Fake Eyelash – Aside from dark lipstick, try to wear a dramatic and full fake eye lash, it will make your face glamorous and be in the trend of Halloween even though you're just wearing your everyday make-up. We all know that party has a lot of dancing and activities going on in order for your fake lashes to stay in its place and to stay firm and dramatic I highly suggest to get an eyelash perm kit.

3. Nail art kit – Accessorizing yourself with scary thorns or knives attaching to your body is a total hassle, why not opt for flashy nail art and dark nail color instead? You will still be with-in the theme and   you can still use the nail art even after Halloween.

4. Sexy tank tops – Even though you want to look casual and simple for a Halloween party, you still have to make a little bit of effort for your outfit. Try to wear dark or black blouse that has amazing designs like this Sleeveless Halter Lace Hollow Stitching Slim Tank Top. The Tank top is black which is perfect for dark party and it's wearable even after the Halloween party, the lace in the tank top is so beautiful and it has a vibe of a skeleton. Then paired it with a jeans or skirt that you love. Then viola! Perfect outfit for the party.

Sexy Women Sleeveless Halter Lace Hollow Stitching Slim Tank Top - Apricot XS

5. Womens winter fashion boots – If you prefer to wear a pumps or flats, it’s your choice, but I highly recommend to wear a boots to finalize the sexy but classy outfit of yours. Like this beautiful SOCOFY Splicing Pattern Embroidery Genuine Leather Mid Calf Boots, its flowery design reminds me of the Dia de los Muertos festival in Mexico and the main color is red which is so beautiful to pair with a black or a dark top outfit. Aside from its color, I love how the heels is squared and not the pointy one, for you to be able to walk easily, dance and party at the same time, the length of the boots is perfect also if you’re wearing an above the knee skirt or skinny jeans.

SOCOFY Splicing Pattern Embroidery Genuine Leather Mid Calf Boots

6. Holographic backpack – If you prefer to bring a backpack rather than a purse, why not a Holographic backpack? It’s flashy, simple and if there’s one thing that makes your outfit look like a Cosplay in a Halloween party? It’s your back pack.

7. Hand Purse – If you don’t like the flashy backpack, then Hand Purse is the best, its small and you can carry everywhere and nothing too much to carry. Xiaomi Storage Bag is perfect for this, it has an anti-splashing cloth or a waterproof cloth and what we women always love to say “it has pockets” not only one, but has a lot of pockets where you can place your phone, money, and credit cards.

And that is my shopping tips for the Halloween Party, you doesn’t have to spend a lot for costumes if you don’t have a budget at all. You just to be wise, creative and practical. There’s nothing wrong if you want to transform yourself into the scariest monster costumes, but sometimes there are just people out there who don’t have the luxury to spend money for just a one-time event in a year but still want to enjoy the season and have fun. Don’t stress out yourself loves, be who you are and be proud.
Moving on, I know this is not a part of Halloween costumes, but I just want to inform you loves that Banggood is having a Christmas sale. The most beautiful season after Halloween, they have affordable and cheap Christmas decorations, gifts and a lot more. Go ahead and visit www.banggood.com.

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