Is it funny? No! It's Fanny Pack

Hello loves! NYFS and PFW just passed by. And I love seeing IG stories of my favorite fashion bloggers who attended the famous events. How I wish I could attend also, someday! While stalking their IG stories and IG photos I saw a lot of similar accessories and style which are "IN" right now. And I couldn't help it and get one for me also. I love the styling and fashion!

There is this trendy waist bag right now that I've seen everywhere from fashion bloggers, influencers, models to Hollywood personalities, and that is the FANNY PACK. A short history of Fanny Pack according to Instyle it already exists during "Stone Age to hold tools or in the 1960s to stash frozen ski lunches". However, it doesn't consider as a fashion trend during those times, it is considered as a necessity and serve a huge purpose. In 1962 Melba Stone created a bum bag (terms outside the states) and was inspired by the kangaroo pouches, according to InStyle. To know more about the history of fanny pack click HERE.

When you go to province in the Philippines, sometimes people might tease you for wearing a Fanny pack, they will say like "where are you going to sell some stuff?" or in Visayan language " Asa ka mamaligya?" Fanny Pack is usually seen in vendors in market, where they stash the cash after selling some goods. It's quite difficult to wear what you love in rural places, because people that surrounds you seems not to understand what's on trend right now and fashion. I remembered when the silk nightwear or pajamas are on trend to wear not just by night time, but on a daily basis like during the day, and fashion bloggers, influencers models and Hollywood personalities are wearing it especially Kylie Jenner. I tried to wear it also when I came home to my province, I wore a blue silk nightwear paired with skinny jeans and some heels, I look so amazing on it, however, some of my family doesn't understand the style and the fashion. They tease me like why I'm still in my pajamas. Like What? Did you not get it? It's the new "IN" right now.

And then this Fanny pack, I styled it very carefully where people can easily accept the style and not tease me.

I know loves that I always tell you to do not mind the other people, it’s your life and as long as you are happy and you’re not hurting others then go for it. However, we cannot avoid the judgement of others, and ended up hurting us. I can preach every day that judging others is not good, however, not all people live by it. They just listen, act like it and after a few days and months unknowingly they judge others. It’s the truth! The only thing that we can survive with the judgement is to accept the pain, whether it’s true or not, and let the time heals and when it healed we already forget it and it feels like nothing anymore.

What’s your thought about how I styled my fanny pack? Do you think this style is wearable to rural areas? Let me know in the comment section below.

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