2019 I’m so ready for you (Plans for 2019)

I know it’s quite early to talk about this, but honestly? I can’t wait to start my 2019. LOL! So let me share with you loves what’s going to happen with my 2019, to us, to my Blog, to my YouTube channel and travel plans. Yahoo!!. Put your seat belts on and let’s get it on!

If there’s one thing in the world that I love to do, and that is travelling. Exploring new places, experience their culture is my highest happiness at the moment. That’s why for 2019 I’m so excited to plan out my entire year on places where I will go. But before anything else, let me share with you first loves my Christmas outfit, not the typical outfit during the Christmas like Reds and polka dots. But a formal outfit, because why not? Most working girls like me have worked during the Christmas Eve, so we don’t have any time to prepare and be ready for the Christmas party. That’s why I choose to wear an office outfit than can be worn as evening party. My Vertical Stripe Blazer and the Shirred Waist Embroidered Palazzo Pants are from Rosegal. By the way loves, you can check out their website and find good deals, see below: 
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 So that’s it, let’s get back to my 2019 Plans. 

On March 2019, I bought a ticket for Maroon 5 Concert in Bangkok! Like what!!! LOL! Watching a legit concert is on my bucket list. And I can’t wait to cross it out, aside from achieving my bucket list, the reason I want to watch a big concert is that I live once in a lifetime and I want to experience the feeling of enjoying the concert, singing together, jumping together and dancing together. It’s going to be fun!

On April 2019 I plan to go to Taipei, Taiwan with friends and love one. Taipei is a beautiful city with a combination of modern buildings and nature. I have a lot of friends who went there or stay there for work and all their experiences are so amazing. Taipei claims to have a tastiest street food and I can’t wait to dig in. Aside from Taipei, I have friends from Philippines coming over to Thailand (which I am currently living right now) and it’s my first time to be a tour guide and show them some great places in Bangkok and Pattaya. It’s not the tour guiding thing I am excited about, we might go to Elephant Sanctuary which I always wanted to visit. I highly support Elephant Sanctuary rather than Elephant shows, Elephant rides or any shows that promote Elephants to do un-natural things. And also, it might happen on April or May I’m not really sure, I do plan to visit the Samae San Island in Chonburi. It’s not that easy to go to actually if you are a foreigner, this Island is managed by the Navy and its open for limited numbers of tourist and locals. If you are a foreigner, you need to bring a Thai friend with you, because if you’re not you are not allowed to go to the Island.

On July 2019, this is not a sure thing yet, but I will do my best to push it through. I’m planning to visit Pai, Thailand. I’ve seen a lot of travel blogs in Pai and the place is so beautiful, especially this resort that caught my attention, The Countryside Resort Pai. This resort is so beautiful, simple but in the middle of rice fields and the swimming pool is in the middle of it. I grew up in a place where there are a lot of rice fields, but The Countryside Resort Pai, really makes me go there, relax and just enjoy the view. 

On September 2019, I am going to South Korea. LOL! This travel plan is actually my birthday gift to myself. Lately, my birthday gifts to myself is buying gadgets like camera, drone, go pro and a lot more. Now that I’ve bought my basic travel gear equipment's, it’s time for me to use it and travel more. That’s why on my birthday month I plan to go to South Korea with my friend. I wanted to see the beautiful orange leaves and experience wearing thick coats and a lot more. 

On November 2019, I decided to go back to the Philippines for vacation instead on December. December long vacation is quite impossible because it’s already high season at work. We are allowed only 5 days’ vacation during high season. That’s why in 2019 I decided to go back home on November and plan a 2 weeks’ vacation. I am supposed to bring my family in Bohol this year 2018. However, due to a very limited time, we change our plans. And I’m hoping and excited to bring them in Bohol on November 2019. 

What’s going to happen with Its Beyond Imaginations blog and Ann Catherine YouTube Channel. Great news loves, since there are so many activities going to happen in the year 2019 make sure to watch out interesting photos and stories, budget travel itineraries and amazing travel blogs in the near future. I will make sure that you will never regret it loves. I always wanted to share with you my experience and also make sure that if I’ve done it then why can't you?. Am I right? So, don’t forget to follow me around in my Blog, Instagram, Facebook page and YouTube channel loves. Plus, there’s going to be also some collaborations with other Youtuber soon, that I can’t wait to share with your loves. 

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