Travel Diary: Jim Thompson Farm Thailand

It was an exciting day for me, because me and my colleague is going to a short field trip organized by the company that I’m working right now. It’s my first time to go to that place and I’ve seen a lot of pictures on the Internet how beautiful it is, okay, I know you already know where I’m heading because of the title. Anyways, let me give you a tour of the Jim Thompson farm.

Jim Thompson Farm is located in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand. So from Pattaya which I live it took us 5 hours to arrive at the Jim Thompson farm, it was so tiring, but it’s all worth it. According to my research Jim Thompson farm is over 600 acres, at first it was only built to produce beautiful silks and then later on they open for the public to show others the beauty of nature, kinds of flowers and vegetables. Then artist came to showcase their talent making an art in the context of ecological agriculture. 

The Jim Thompson farm has an entrance fee before you can enjoy the huge and wide farm, it cost 180 THB for Adult and 130 THB for Children during weekdays, for weekends 220 THB for adult and 160 THB for children. There is a restaurant beside the ticketing office, they serve Thai foods, noodles, drinks and ice creams, prices are affordable cost around 50 THB.

The farm consist of 5 interesting points of areas, if you don’t want to walk from one area to another, they always have Tram who will go around the farm, you can hop on and hop off anytime for free. 
1. Attraction 1 Field of Cosmos & “ u-pick” organic vegetable garden
2. Attraction 2 Pumpkin Patch and Flower Labyrinth
3. Attraction 3 Isan Village
4. Attraction 4 Jim Thompson Village
5. Attraction 5 Jim Thompson Market

If you plan to go here and see all the Points of Interest, I highly recommend to make time to come early because the place is so huge and it will take 1 whole day to roam around the place. Unfortunately for us, we were only given 3 hours to explore and we didn’t see the Attractions no. 4 and 5. But it's okay, I did enjoy a lot in the flower fields. Another one, always bring an umbrella or hat even though its already cold season in Thailand, it’s still hot and humid and also bring a lot of water.

And that’s it, I hope you enjoyed reading and watching the photos I took in Jim Thompson, can’t wait to share with you loves more Travel Diaries soon.

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