How to Feel Good with your Own Skin X Purli Bikini

Long holidays are over now and we are back on track on making our body healthy and beautiful cuz you know why? Summer is on the way to more exciting adventures and fun water activities. If you are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube all we see are those beautiful ladies in their perfect bikinis, like Oh! C’mon, how do you feel good with your own skin? That’s why let me break it down to you on How to feel good with our own skin featuring my favorite local Thai Swimwear brand, Purli Bikini.

Purli Bikini is from the word "Pearl" which represents the ocean and femininity --K. Arjaree and owned by a beautiful designer and traveler K. Arjaree. She is in the business for 10 years now and their swimwear are inspired by Asian market.  And I just found out that their products, their swimwear literally has UV UPF 50+, like I am so surprised and happy at the same time because I am really a fan of all products that has UV protection but for swimwear? I never thought of it that it could be possible until now. No matter what happens, let’s protect ourselves loves from the harmful Ultra Violet rays. Personally, Purli Bikini is one of my favorite Swimwear brand not just because I’m collaborating with them, but because even before I worked with them, I already bought a product from them which is my first ever rash guard that I really love. I’m a little bit picky when it comes to my swimwear, it needs to have a good fit for me, and when it comes to rash guard, I always notice from others when the rash guard is wet it becomes loose, heavy and it looks like you're just wearing an ordinary long-sleeve shirt. However, my rash guard from Purli Bikini doesn’t look like that, the fit is so perfect, it hugs my body, it is so lightweight in water or dry and it stays in place and still fit me even if it’s wet. Let’s talk about the quality of their swimwear it is honestly so good, the fabric that being use is so soft and take note the pads of the swimwear can be taken out if you don’t like the pads at all. The style is so friendly for all the ladies like me who are a little bit body conscious, I love their high waist swimwear bottoms to hide my unwanted fats, the designs and colors are minimalist and fashionable, plus you can totally mix and match. They also have Mom’s and kids matchy-matchy swimwear, how cute is that! If you are not in Thailand you can always check their Instagram @purli_official, Facebook page @purlibikini and website Plus, they ship internationally loves, so there’s no excuse why you can’t have Purli Bikini swimwear. But, if you happen to be in Thailand, they have a store in Pattaya, a pop-up store in Central Department store in Bangkok, Samui and Phuket and lastly in Siam Paragon Bangkok.

Purli Bikini does not only sells swimwear they also sell waterproof liquid matte lipstick, like it’s so perfect for their brand. Let’s be real here, even if you are swimming in a beautiful beach or infinity pool you still put on a little bit of make-up or lipstick perhaps, we always wanted to look good for that perfect Instagram picture right? That’s why Purli Bikini is so kind enough to produce what we girls need a waterproof lipstick that cannot be easily removed. Aside that Purli Velvet Liquid Matte Lipstick is waterproof it doesn’t have paraben, it’s not toxic and no perfume. It has 16 shades that’s perfect for all skin types and adventurous girls like me.

Now, let’s talk about how to feel good with our own skin, it’s not an overnight achievement loves, it takes patience and acceptance. I saw this Netflix original series that caught my attention “Insatiable” Patty is a huge woman and everyone tease and bullied her because she is fat, and due to some accident she wasn’t able to eat solid foods for a couple of months and it turned her to lose weight. And now that she is skinny, she still feel uncomfortable with her new skin and body, like something is missing. That’s why I told you loves it takes time, patience and acceptance to feel comfortable with your own skin. They are still skinny ladies out there who are still body conscious even though they have perfect bodies. So let me give you my personal advice on how to overcome this fear slowly.

1. Start from the basic
You don’t need to jump into sexy bikinis right away, there is no rules on how you wear your own swimwear. Start from the swimwear that you think you feel safe and secure. Like high waist swimwear, one piece swimwear, long sleeve one piece, bikini top paired with surfing shorts.

2. Love yourself
No matter what kind of swimwear you wear if you don’t love yourself, it won’t work. There are a lot of foreigners out there who have belly fats, dark spots in some body areas, old ladies, but still confident to wear their favorite swimwear, you know why? Because they love their self.

3. Location matters
I know what you’re thinking what does location have to do with being comfortable in my skin? It does actually! If you are going to a place where people are so conservative, and no bikinis allowed well you have to respect it. But if you are going to a popular beach were all people from baby to old ones wear bikinis it will totally boost your confidence. Cuz people have no time to check on you they are busy relaxing under the sun. Good location will give you more confidence to wear your favorite swimwear. Trust me!

And that were my top 3 advise from you loves on how to be comfortable with our own skin, let me remind you again, it is not an overnight achievement, it takes, time, patience and acceptance. By the way loves, let me know in the comment section below if you happen to see the Purli Bikini Instagram, what do you think of their products? Cuz I really love it!

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