Cheap Restaurant in Pattaya ft. The Rice Pot Pattaya

Theme cafes and restaurants are more searchable right now, especially if they have great foods and cheap prices. I always love to visit new theme cafes and restaurants and take millions of photos to add in my IG profile, but sometimes Theme cafe's and restaurants are quite populated, and it's so hard to get the perfect angle. Good thing, I found this new restaurant in Pattaya that is so minimalist, chic, so cheap and the foods and drinks are so good, The Rice Pot Pattaya

The Rice Pot Pattaya is located in Pattaya Klang, Sukhumvit Road. I guess the name of their restaurant got from what they served, they serve meals with rice, so Asian and I love rice. First, let's talk about the ambiance of their restaurant, we went there around 11:00 AM and only 3 tables are occupied which means not crowded more photos. The restaurant is quite big and wide enough and spacious. The interiors are so cool, it gives a minimalist, clean white and a little bit of Industrial vibes. They put a lot of effort in every small details, like the plates, spoon and fork and food presentation and etc. They have an English Menu just ask from the staff, I am totally amaze how cheap their food was ranging from 60 THB to 100 THB. The drinks are so Instagrammable also, not only the beautiful presentation but the taste. I ordered the matcha drink and it tastes so good, my favorite matcha drink so far in The Rice Pot Pattaya. The staff and the owners are so kind, humble and very attentive to customer. I love a restaurant with amazing service. 

If you happen to be in The Rice Pot Pattaya let me know what's your opinion with their restaurant. See you in my next blog post. Xoxo ♥♥♥ 

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