Travel Diary: Koh Samet Island-hopping Tour X Trazy Thailand

Thailand is known for its tropical beaches and beautiful islands, for so many islands and beaches and good reviews its quite hard to pick one and decide where to go. Good thing, there is this travel agency that helps tourist like me and gives options where to go and hassle free tour, I'm so glad to have an opportunity to experience one of the Trazy Thailand tour services and products.

Living in Pattaya, Thailand the nearest beach that I could enjoy is Pattaya beach and Jomtien beach if I have the time and the whole day I could go to Kho Larn Island or Sattahip beach. But all those mentioned beaches are very known and touristy. I want something different, good thing Trazy Thailand provides a very interesting activity which is only a day and near in Pattaya, which is the Koh Samet Island-hopping Tour (+Thai Lunch/Snorkeling) - from Pattaya. However, the tour was different from my expectations, in a good way.  

Let's be real here, I'm not a good swimmer and I haven't tried snorkeling activities. When I choose the Koh Samet Island-hopping Tour (+Thai Lunch/Snorkeling) - from Pattaya, I saw that there are snorkeling activities in the itinerary but I didn't expect that it would go down like that.  I did my research, snorkeling activities are near the seashore of an island. So, I'm thinking even though I will not do the snorkeling activities I will still enjoy the island with its beaches, but it doesn't go down like that. We went to 3 islands but the first 2 islands we did not step into the island we just stop in a distance from the island and do the snorkeling activity. I hope you get what I meant, LOL! Anyways, even though I haven't enjoyed the snorkeling activities of the 2 islands, I'm already happy that my friend enjoyed it much, she saw a lot of fishes and corals deep down the sea, and the crew of the boat really assisted my friend while snorkeling making sure she is safe and not drowning, LOL. There are life vest and floaty, and each crew assisted one to two guest. That is just my main dilemma during the day tour, however, if you love snorkeling and you're confident enough to swim in a deep ocean with life vest and crew assisting you, you should try Koh Samet Island tour. Let me share with you loves more details about this trip.

You can visit Trazy website, from there you can choose the country where are you going, like Thailand. They have major places in Thailand that they offer tours like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Phi Phi Island, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Koh Samui, and Hua Hin. I picked the Pattaya since I'm aiming for nearest Island in my location. Each place, there are different kinds of tours and I choose the Koh Samet Island-hopping Tour (+Thai Lunch/Snorkeling) - from Pattaya.


You will just have to fill up some details like no. of guest, when do you want to do the tour and choose the time of pick-up from your hotel.

After filling up the details, another window will appear to fill-up more personal relevant details.

After completing personal information, you have the choice to pay via Credit Card, Debit card, Paypal, Alipay, and Bank transfer. This is so convenient for me especially that I don't have a credit card.

After checking out and paying the tour, you will receive an email confirmation. That's how convenient and easy to book with Trazy Thailand.

When I received the email confirmation of my booking, It mentioned calling the tour operator provided in the email a day before to make sure everything went smoothly for the pick-up. However, I did not call, I know I'm not that quite responsible tourist. On the day of our pick-up we waited in my condo lobby around 7:00 AM, waiting for the driver or operator to call me, but there is no call. So I called the number provided in the email. I didn't expect that someone will answer me because its early in the morning, but someone did answer the call for just 3 rings, and he assisted me and give me the contact number of the driver and more information. By the way, I appreciated that he is not in a bad mood during the call, he is very helpful and calm, because usually, staff in the early morning are not in a good mood, they may be rude sometimes, but not all. That is good service.

We were picked up in my condo, since its join tour group, the driver pick-up other guests from another hotel as well. The drive from Pattaya to Ban Phe Pier in Rayong is 1 hour.

This part really amazed me, I'm expecting a public ferry to go to Koh Samet Island and from there transfer to a small boat or speed boat to go around the 3 islands. But it exceeds my expectation, we had a huge boat with a second-floor lounge deck. It's not fancy but I'm loving how big, spacious and convenient it is. My favorite part of the boat is the second-floor lounge deck. The crew is so friendly, accommodating and I can say very good service. Because, me and my friend suddenly had a seasick, which I'm not usually like that when having an Island tour or traveling by ferry or boat. The crew really attends to our needs to make us feel better, give us the advice to look far to the ocean so that we cannot feel the wind that makes the boat sway. They also give us medicines that help a little bit. The food, however, is somewhat "okay", since its an Island tour I expected a few kinds of seafood like shrimps or fish, but there is none.

In the email confirmation of our tour booking, it also mentioned that there might be changes in the tour itinerary depends on the weather and time. I fully understand the situation, It's better to have a safe Island tour than pushing everything to make happened and having accidents. Anyways, in the Itinerary, it mentioned that we will have a chill relaxing day in Koh Samet Island, but it did not happen due to a time constraints, we arrive late in Ban Phe Pier due to traffic along the way from Pattaya. We just pick-up a few guests from Koh Samet Island and went to Koh Thalu Island.

My dilemma starts here, as what I've mentioned above, the snorkeling activities is far different from what I expected. However, again my friend enjoyed a lot in snorkeling as she saw a lot of fish and corals. You can check out my Youtube channel on March 2, 2019, to see the full snorkeling video.

The same experience with Koh Thalu Island.

I guess this is my most favorite part of the island tour, cuz finally we land in the seashore. Finally I had the chance to feel and enjoy the sand and swim freely and of course, take amazing photos. The Island is small and not so many people on it. The sand is white and the water is clear. We only have 1 hour to enjoy the Island which I am sad about. But I understand that they have to go back to Ban Phe Pier at 4:00 PM.

The driver waits for us in Ban Phe Pier to send us back to Pattaya, I am really amazed by the service of the boat crew because they also send us to the driver and make sure that we are in the minivan. And greeted us goodbye with a smiling face. You know how much I adore good service loves, service is the most important in any kind of business, if you have good service, all in all, will follow from products or services to a happy customer and repeat customer.

And that was all my detailed experience with Trazy Thailand for my Koh Samet Island tour loves, they also have other package tours in Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and a lot more. I know someday I will avail again a package tour from Trazy Thailand, the price is reasonable and the service is worth it. I highly recommend also loves to try the Koh Samet Island tour if you are a fan of snorkeling, this is definitely worth to avail.

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