What I wear in Valentine's Day X Rosegal

It's the 14th of the month where Reds, hearts, and flowers are everywhere. It's a wonderful feeling to receive one, but a romantic gesture is not my boyfriend's thing. LOL! Anyways, I am just so happy to share with you loves what I wear on my Valentine's date. 

Where ever I go I make sure that my outfit is right for the event and I'm going to be comfortable with. Especially, when I'm going out for dinner, lunch or anything that relates to food, I always make sure not to wear fitted tops or dress.  This is because I can't breathe for sure if I ate too much and my clothes are too fit, it will spoil the night. I choose to wear a wrap blouse and puff sleeve, it's not fit and so comfortable to dig-in in a buffet table without worrying if I'm already bloating. Anyway's wrap dresses or blouse are very nice for everyone, it highlights your curves, it fits well, it will lift your bust and define your waist. In short, wrap dresses and wrap blouse are figure flattering. I prefer to pair my wrap blouse with white culottes to calm the over popping color of my wrap orange blouse, it should be balanced. I choose to wear a nude open toe slip-on heels, because I'm currently in love with this pair, so convenient to wear. 

Bu the way loves, my wrap blouse and puff sleeve are from Rosegal, you can check out the same blouse HERE or visit their website HERE

There are no crazy things happened in my Valentine's but I appreciate the effort that Love brings me, from my family, friends, partner, from you and especially from God. Love is all around us, sometimes we didn't recognize it because we're busy looking for perfection. Love is not perfect it's a  genuine emotion. So, that's it, I hope you like my style tips for today and Happy Valentine's day to you beautiful one. 

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