Travel Diary: Through wilderness of Koh Chang Island

It's Summer and it's time for Summer vacay, I'm supposed to travel to Taiwan but unfortunately, things change. So I decided to visit one of the Islands in Thailand, Koh Chang Island or Elephant Island for 3 days and 2 nights. And it was a good choice, 3 days is not enough. Koh Chang is a beautiful island, and it offers a lot, to see, to do, to eat and etc. So here's my travel diary in Koh Chang Island. 


I live in Pattaya so we avail the transfer from Pattaya accommodation to Koh Chang accommodation from 35 Group Pattaya Minibus for 1050 THB. You can contact their office at Pattaya 3rd Rd, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150 or call them at 038-423447. They picked us up in our accommodation at 9:00 AM by a minivan and traveled for 5 hours to Trat. I honestly didn't expect that Trat is quite far, I thought its only like 2-3 hrs. We arrived at Trat pier at 2:00 PM and waited for the ferry. While waiting for the ferry we ate our lunch on the pier that cost us only 40 THB. We waited for an hour at the pier for the ferry to be ready. By the way, the ticket for the ferry is already included in the transfer, so we didn't pay anymore. Travel time from Trat pier to Koh Chang Island is around 30 minutes. When we arrived at the Koh Chang the driver drop us at our hotel.

In our first night, we stayed in The Stage Koh Chang, they also have Motorbike for Rent for 250 THB/day, which we rented. It's pretty the same price from other renting shop ranging from 250 - 300 THB/day.


When we checked -in and settled in our room, we headed to Kai Bae viewpoint, there is no entrance fee. The viewpoint is very pretty especially when we went there, it's already sunset. I saw the famous Koh Manai Island, I've read with some other blogs that you can totally walk from Kai Bae beach to Koh Manai Island by foot, but when I finally saw the Island from the viewpoint, it's not walkable because of its high tide. However, you can rent a kayak from Kai Bae beach to paddle to the Koh Manai Island.

We then headed to Monkey Restaurant at lonely beach for our dinner. We never regret that we headed to this restaurant because the view is something perfect, the Island vibe, the food is so delicious and it's affordable, prices range from 150 - 300 THB. Their Tom yum is so creamy and delicious.

-The road from Kai Bae to Lonely beach is dark, there's no light post on the road, so better go home early like 8:00 - 9:00 PM.

-The road is curvy and some path is going up and down, so drive carefully, slowly but surely and always keep your eyes on the road especially that it is dark.

Day 2

Early morning we started with an amazing free breakfast from the resort. And traveled to Khlung Plu waterfalls, it's the nearest waterfalls in the Island, most waterfalls are an hour away. There is an entrance fee of 200 THB per foreigner. The trail to the waterfalls is 20 minutes, and the path is very convenient compared to the other waterfalls that I visited in Thailand. The forest is honestly beautiful, however, there is not much water in the waterfalls trail, but the main waterfall is so magnificent. The mountainous rocks and fishes under the water are so beautiful. However, in order to get closer to the falls, we need to climb through the rocks but don't worry there is a local staff that looks out all the tourist for their safety. As expected, the water is brown, all the waterfalls that I visited in Thailand are color brown, maybe because of the brown rocks and soil under. Anyways, even though the water is brown is still clean and clear and it is so cold, good for a hot and humid day.

After chasing waterfalls, we traveled to the lonely beach to have some lunch and enjoy the beach. We dine at the restaurant of Siam beach resort, since its a resort we already expected that the price is a little bit higher and it is. We ordered again a Tom yum, but it doesn't compare to the delicious Tom yum in Monkey restaurant. After a delicious lunch, we enjoyed the white sand beach and clear water of the lonely beach.

Going back to our resort, we encountered an unfortunate event that we did not anticipate. Our motorbike's gasoline was run out and there is definitely no gasoline station near us, good thing there is a public transportation "songtew" who helped us and send us along with the motorbike to the resort and waited for us to get our things from The Stage Koh Chang and send us to our second stay in Koh Chang, Aana Resort for 500 THB.

On our second night in Koh Chang we checked-in at Aana resort which is so beautiful and perfect, we avail their free Firefly tour activity at 7:00 PM. Who doesn't love free? I expected too much from this tour which it didn't meet.  I only saw like 4 Fireflies and it was a little bit scary, I am not scared with the fireflies I was scared for the surroundings, it is so dark and I feel like there might be an animal under the water waiting to hunt us. LOL! wild imaginations. The tour lasts only for 10 minutes. After the free tour, we dine in their restaurant for dinner, again since its a resort expect a pricey menu. We ordered again a Tom yum, and still the most delicious is the Monkey restaurant.


- After getting the motorbike from the Renting shop, always fill the tank gasoline because motorbike might be confusing, it says you still have gasoline but actually, your running out.

-Gasoline station in the Island is only available at the center of each Island points like Kai Bae, Klong Prao and etc.

Day 3

For this day we decided to enjoy the facilities of the resort. We check-out at 12:00 noon and waited for our transfer back to Pattaya. Surprisingly they arrived earlier than expected. But then again we arrived in Pattaya at 9:00 PM.

And that was my 3 days and 2 nights in Koh Chang Island, I can't get over to this Island and wanted more days and nights to stay. I want to see more of this Island hopefully soon, I will surely get back to this beautiful Island. How was your Summer vacation?


Day 1
-Transfer from Pattaya to Koh Chang and back to Pattaya: 1050 THB
- The Stage Koh chang: 1,850 THB / 2 pax = 925 THB
- Meals: 200 THB / 2pax = 100 THB (40 THB in Trat ferry and 100 THB Monkey Restaurant at the lonely beach)
 - Motorbike Rent: 250 THB / 2 pax = 125 THB
TOTAL: 2,200 THB

Day 2
- Khlung Plu waterfall entrance fee: 200 THB
- Lunch at Siam Beach Resort: 400 THB / 2 pax = 200 THB
- Aana Resort & Spa = 4,016.25 THB / 2 pax = 2,008.1 THB
- Dinner at the resort 500 THB / 2 pax = 250 THB
TOTAL: 2,658.1 THB

Day 3
- Lunch at Resort 300 THB / 2 pax  = 150 THB


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