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This phrases “Age doesn’t matter” always connects to a kind of relationship, but it does not only being connected to that, but it is also being connected to life. Sky diving, traveling solo to unfamiliar places, wearing the most sexist dress or swimwear, venturing a business, even reaching one’s goal, Age does not matter. There is this quote that I saw on Facebook that really caught my attention, “Getting married after 30 is still beautiful. Starting a family after 35 is still possible. Buying your first house after 40 is still a Boss move. Don’t let people rush you with their timelines”. That’s why I am happy to be team up with Blooming Jelly, an online shop that sells beautiful and sexy clothes for women of all ages. 

If you have been following me around, you already know that I am proud with my own body even though it's not perfect, even I have flaws, I have stretch marks, dark spots and uneven skin tone, I will always love my body and embrace the imperfections. Even If I get old and get big, I still love to wear a swimsuit on a beach or any water activities. Some Filipinos have this mentality, if you are old, you are not allowed to wear swimwear anymore. Honestly? Who cares? If you go to a foreign country? Old people still wear swimwear, their skin is not tight anymore, the fats are there but they don’t care, it’s called self-love. If you don’t love yourself first, then how will you love others? 

Because of how I look at life and age, I am so glad that Blooming Jelly sees me and sent me their beautiful swimwear, which I really love. It’s a Have Fun Knotted-Front Bikini Set for only 24.99 USD. By the way loves, if you love to shop at Blooming Jelly you can use my 30% off for the entire site, just type the code Ann30, this code will expire on 31 July 2019. Anyways, let’s talk about the bikini, I love the prints because it’s a vertical line, it gives an illusion of a thinner body. The color is perfect not too dark not too bright, It has no underwire which I’m perfectly okay so that I can easily breathe, some bikini has underwire to push that chest to give you a sexy cleavage. However, I’m not a fan of underwire, I am more on the comfort side. It is slightly padded, so no worries for ladies who are a little bit conscious for nipple marks. I also love the details of the bikini from the top, it has a front tie and the bottom it has a sexy cut-out at the side that makes the bikini more fabulous. 

This Knotted-Front Bikini Set is suitable for all ages, it’s sexy but not daring, it’s simple with style but not exaggerated designs like tassels and etc. The color is very friendly, anyone can slay this swimwear, and age doesn’t matter. Go ahead and visit Blooming Jelly and you will find more amazing and beautiful swimwear for everyone. Don’t forget to use my 30% off to save more money and shop more

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