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I am so excited to share with you loves that I won the first runner-up in the second TAT Newsroom “Blogger Thailand” competition. I am so happy, at the same time sad because I can’t go on the trip that they are organizing for the winners. It’s not about the “free” travel it’s about the recognition that finally after 5 years of blogging, somehow, someone recognized my hard work. Anyways, let’s not be sad about it, being recognized is already enough for me. Even though I will not be going to their upcoming trip, I will be traveling next month to the Northern part of Thailand, which I am looking forward. When I’m traveling, I always plan my outfits, making sure that I have that amazing IG photo. Since 80 % of my travel is pack light, travel in a backpack, I always make sure that my outfits are not compromised just because I’m backpacking. So, let me share with you loves my top 5 Tips on what to pack in style even though you only have a carry-on that works.

1.    Lightweight Fabric

Since you are backpacking or you will only travel with 1 hand carry, bring clothes that are lightweight like this STUNNING SUMMER ASYMMETRICAL FLORAL MAXI DRESS from Blooming Jelly. The fabric is Chiffon and Lace, it will save up so many spaces in your bag, plus it’s not heavy to carry around. Other lightweight fabrics are Batiste, crepe, or eyelet.

2.    One piece in one outfit

Sometimes, if we are traveling we always wanted to look good, to look presentable, we tend to wear so many pieces, like one blouse pair with jeans or skirt, then another blazer or scarf to add, for a fabulous outfit. This is not a problem at all if you are traveling with a lot of luggage’s to check-in, however, if you are traveling as a backpacker the less is the better. I highly suggest bringing a dress, romper or jumpsuit. Aside from that its only one piece, it does not complicate your outfit on that day or worrying what is the best pairing. I also recommend bringing that one dress, cuz who knows you might have a special dinner to attend to. I love this dress from Blooming jelly, it looks like two pieces of outfit, but actually, it’s a one-piece dress. This dress is best for spring or summer destinations, it’s an Ankle-Length, which makes it so comfortable, not too much. I love that the design of the top, V Neck to make it more interesting and not boring.

3.    Head turner color

Bring clothes that complement the places you are going to visit like if you are going to a tropical and summer vibes place, bring your pastel or colorful clothes like, sky blue, yellow, red, pink any lively and colorful outfits. So that you will pop out in your photos from your background. If you are going to a city I highly suggest to wear dark and muted colors, like brown, nudes, whites with black, denim colors, royal blue, it gives you classy look in city background. Like this dress, the top is white and the bottom is floral, it gives a balanced look, plus very nice for tropical destinations.

4.    Always check the weather before packing

Don’t be a victim of “How I wish I knew”. Before going to a place always check the season or weather, because you might end up bringing summer clothes but its rainy or winter season there. Being prepared is the start of amazing travel, it’s better to be prepared ahead of time than to be sorry.

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And that’s it loves my 4 tips on what to pack when traveling light, these tips work for me loves and I know it will work for you too.

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