Welcome Gift from Althea Korea X Bare Essentials review

I am not a fan of Korean pop music, but I’m a huge number 1 fan of Korean skincare. If there’s only one skin that I want, I want to have those Korean glass skin. Since the day I tried and discovered Korean skincare I am already obsessed with their products, and it works for me. However, it is just so hard to find a legit physical Korean store here in Thailand, and sometimes I have doubts in an online store because maybe, just maybe it’s not original, maybe it’s just a copy or fake products. Instead of making my skin so pretty, I might get bad results, you know what I meant. Good thing I found Althea Korea’s website, which saves the day.

I am so happy to share with you loves that I am now an Althea angel or Althea Ambassador, so grateful that they also sent me a Welcome gift. Before I became an Althea Angel, I already love Althea Korea. My first purchase with Althea Korea was last 2017, I also made an unboxing video with it on my Youtube channel, if you are interested you can watch HERE. Althea Korea never failed, especially with its service of shipment. When I purchase online, I always expected that I will receive my package in a month, but for Althea Korea, I always receive my orders on time 15 - 25 days. They really made an effort in the packaging making sure that your products inside the box are safe by wrapping it with a bubble wrap.

Inside the Welcome Gift Box that I received, I got an Althea Angels Hand Mirror and Althea Angels Makeup Pouch (exclusive for Althea angels), plus their own products Althea Korea's Bare Essentials Set (facial cleanser + toner + moisturizer). I also received a heartwarming Welcome Card from the head of creative communications, Ms. Tammy Lim.

Now let’s dive into my Bare Essentials products review, by the way loves I received the welcome gift on April 20, 2019, I need to give time to try the products and see the effects on it in my skin, so that I can honestly share with you if Bare Essential products are really worth the hype.

"A rich and foaming cleanser that removes impurities while improving blood circulation for that V-shaped look. It contains microcapsules to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed too! "--- Althea Korea

My thoughts

-I love the packaging, it is so simple and minimalist. It really stands for its name Bare Essentials.

- It smells like green herbal or a fruit, I can’t determine which exactly, but It sure smells like herb.

-I like that it has micro beds to thoroughly remove impurities that cannot be removed easily just by washing.

-The Cleanser is very creamy and bubbly so a little amount of product is already satisfying. I guess this cleanser will last 2 months for me, which I love, it saves me a lot.

-There is a minty effect that I felt while massaging my face and even after washing my face, maybe because it has Ice plant, which they claim. It’s really nice, especially in Asian countries cooling products are much helpful.

-After wiping my face with a clean towel I felt that my face is like super clean. I can’t explain it. Okay let’s try this way, you know the feeling when you wash your face with a cleanser, then after when you rub your face the moisture is still there so easy to slide your fingers in your face, but for this Contour Cleanser when I rub my finger to my skin it doesn’t slide easily it feels like there is friction, it feels like my face is super duper clean. Though it doesn’t make my skin so tight which is great. Because when my skin is so tight I felt so itchy in my chin part.

-It claims to be “special care for the V-shape Look”, I’ve been using this cleanser for a while now, but I can’t see any changes in terms of V-shape in my face, however, as I mentioned before this cleanser really makes my skin super clean.

"Smooth, hydrating and ever so slightly balm-like, this bottle of wonder penetrates into the layers of the skin to plump them up, prepping the skin and making it a smooth canvas for products to come". --- Althea Korea

My thoughts

-Again I love the packaging so minimalist and the bottle is plastic so easy to squeeze for a bottle type. Not like other glass bottles, you need to shake down very hard for the product to come out.

-I love the smell, it smells like a flower, maybe because of it has snow lotus, as it claims.

-It’s a sticky dewy product, but it absorbs so fast in my skin. I’ve used a toner before a sticky dewy product as well but it doesn’t absorb so fast, which is so annoying, because sometimes I’m always in a hurry during the morning.

-It claims to give a smooth and bright skin, which so far I can tell that it really brightens my skin and it smoothens.

"Powerful moisturizing properties are packed into this little jar that provides the skin with hydration for up to 24 hours for a fresh, revitalized complexion "--- Althea Korea

My thoughts

-I love the packaging totally, however, it doesn’t come with a spatula which is more helpful If they provide one. But, I love the pull-up strip in the cover, because the size is enough to pull out the cover of the moisturizer.

-Same smell with Contour Cleanser like herbal, but it's mild.

-The texture is creamy watery but easily absorbs to the skin and it doesn’t leave oiliness feeling

-It claims to be hydrating, give radiant, glowing skin and prevent wrinkles, and it shrinks pores and helps to reduce the production of sebum. For quite some time now, I can see that it really hydrates my skin, it gives me glowing skin and it reduces my oiliness, other than that I didn’t see the other effects in my skin.

That’s it with you loves my personal thought with the Althea’s Korea Bare essential products, which I think very affordable, worthy to buy especially to those who don’t have so much budget for all skin care routines. It’s the basic skincare routine wash, tone, and moisturizer. If you buy the set it’s only 27 USD, for Contour cleanser its 6 USD, for Primer water its 11 USD and for Fixer cream its 13 USD. Just visit www.altheakorea.kr. I hope you learn so much with my Skincare

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